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Just wanted to send you a little email to give you some peace of mind though out the day tmrw when you think of Watson…. We got your text message and fed him tonight. He ate extremely well and had only one accident in the house tonight (which was to be expected), but after that […]


I just wanted to send you a little note to say hello. Katy is an absolute joy and we can scarcely remember life before having our sweet puppy. She and I took a beginning obedience course together (as much for me, as her) and she graduated 2nd in her class! Each and every day she […]


I hope all is well with you and your family! I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE Benji! He is such an amazing dog! We have been doing lessons and he is doing well, still can’t be let off leash yet because he still likes to run and come back when he wants, […]


Dear friends and family of Bailey, We meant to send you this picture of Bailey at Christmas! We wanted to let Sharon & Kat know that Bailey is doing super and we love her so very much! She has brought so much joy to our entire family and we are happy to announce she is […]


Coming into foster care under very unfortunate circumstances and with injuries was a tough beginning for our BeBe. She was frightened, sick, hurt, and had been in an abusive situation. But through it all – she remained sweet and trusting. In fact, because of the wonderful way about her – she touched our hearts and […]

Bella II

Great talking to you both yesterday. She sleeping in front of the pantry door–tired from our trip to Fresno but not wanting to miss dinner. We love Bella; she is wonderful. !!! Ed & Peg

Alvin (Beau)

Just wanted to let you know how our little boy is doing. I love him more than I can tell you. He is such a good boy. He sleeps thru the night and never gets up. We have already gotten on a routine here at the house and everyone, including Beau has adapted well. His […]


I wanted to give you a little update on our Lily (now going by Lilly due to a misspell on her name tag! lol). Lilly is doing great and adjusted to life with us pretty easily. It’s hard to believe she had been placed in quarantine at the Pound and was so close to being […]


Hi! Update…Mocha is doing great! She has met everyone…needed some “correction” with cats… Played out back with the girls, ate ALL her dinner, and is now headed out for a walk. Thank you Kat for helping us find a silly lab! Our family is back in place now…. Truly, Jenna


We are all doing fine. Jasper is doing great & he has grown up so much. We had all gone for puppy training classes & he knows some basic commands now. He is a welcome addition to our family. UMA

Heidi (Ivy)

Hello from my farm. This is Heidi although my name now is Ivy and I answer to it! I asked my mom to come in and write to you as I have no thumb. She says she never met you, Petra, but you must be nice because you helped get me out of the bad […]

More from Bella

Bella and I are WONDERFUL! I don’t remember if I told you or not but I volunteered us a couple months ago for the SPCA “Love on Loan” program! We have been able to visit the kids at the Children’s Receiving Home in Sac and Bella does SO WELL, it just makes me so proud! […]


We are so glad that, on a whim we stopped, by the rescue shelter at RiverPark one Sunday in November and met our Sasha in the process. It’s been a bit over four months since you brought Sasha, then 11 months old, to our home. And things just continue to get more and more fun. […]

Riot (Rio)

Hello to everyone at CCLRR, I adopted Riot from Central California Lab Rescue back in September of 2009. I changed his name to Rio, just dropped the t off the end. It suits him better. Although I can see where he got the name riot he does so many funny goofy things that he is […]


Attached are some pics of Levi from a couple weeks ago. We think he is going to love the pool this summer! And, he is so smart as you will see by the picture of him opening the door. We couldn’t be happier with him and vice versa! Thanks again for picking us!! Jennifer


I wanted to send you some new pictures of Bella! We are doing just as great as ever, loving each other more every day! I can’t believe we have only been together for four months. I feel so bonded with her I feel like I have had her for years. I have been really busy […]


What a great picture. Thank you for sending it to us so quickly. It is also nice that our first picture with Teddy was at your place with the loving people who took such good care of him. He is doing great. Getting lots of attention, I mean lots of attention. He seems to have […]


Cody here. My new adoptive family, Ron and Joyce Walker in Dixon, let me use their e-mail this morning so I wanted to send you an update on my progress! First, we all want to thank everyone at the CCLRR for all you do for all of us, those that want to adopt us and […]


Thank you! The evening was a blast! Look at the photos I sent you. Ash was submissive to the little dogs. The cocker growled at him, and he showed no aggression at all. We’ve got him on a potty schedule, so he’ll get the hang of it. He played on the stairs. It was hysterical. […]


Corky has been with us now 2 months as of the 17th of January. It feels like he has been here much longer as he is such a regular member of the household now! He learns so quickly what I want him to do, and not do! He is known as my shadow, according to […]