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Tilly – Yellow Female, 1 year, 60 lbs. Why hello there new friends! Do you need some sweetness in your life? Someone to always be by your side no matter what? Someone to share your life with – both the exciting stuff and the everyday? Someone who is always ready with a snuggle and a […]


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley – Yellow Female, 1 year old, 65 lbs. Hello new friends! I am Lily of the Valley of the Central Valley, and it is so nice to meet you! Like my namesake flower, I am beautiful and sweet, but I am most definitely not poisonous! In fact, I am guaranteed to […]



Leonardo – Black Male, 4 years old, 78l bs. OMG I am so excited! Guess why? I am finally experiencing love for the first time ever and it is so incredible! I am the happiest boy in the world!!! I still cannot believe my good fortune – I have spent my whole life being ignored […]



Lily – From our Heartbreak Collection Yellow Female, Age 9.5, 65 lbs Lovely Lily is looking for a home. A special, golden home that is filled with patience, love and kindness. Not just any home, but a home that will make up for 9+ years of horror – nine plus years of not being allowed […]



Farley – Chocolate Male, 3 years, 100 lbs. My name is Farley, and I’m a Big Friendly Guy. Currently I’m right at 100 lbs, but I’m trying to slim down a bit; after all, I’m only 3 years old. As you can tell from my photos, I carry my weight well, but I could stand […]



Kairi – From our Sweetness Collection Female Yellow, Age 6, 65 lbs Happy November! You know why? November is the month we honor senior pets! For all of their love, their loyalty, their dedication to family! November is “adopt a senior month” and that is so cool! And did you know once you have a […]



Autumn – Our Fall Collection Chocolate Female – 7 years, 77 lbs. Hello, do you think I will get any likes? I know I might not be a puppy anymore, but I have a great, big heart! Will some of you like my post? My name is Autumn and I am rescued and ready to […]


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars – The RockStar Collection Black Male, 9 Years, 80 lbs. Hello Ladies, Bruno Mars here to tell you you’re amazing just the way you are! When you smile, my whole world stops and I stare. When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change. You’re so beautiful – my […]


Apollo & Luna

Apollo – Chocolate male, 4 years, 74 lbs Luna – Black female, 6 years, 75 lbs Calling all NASA fans – if you would like to adopt a bonded pair that will love you to the moon and back, you are invited to apply to adopt sweet Apollo and Luna. They are out of this […]



Jameson – The Smooth Operator Chocolate Male – Age 10. 60 lbs. Hello to all of you Lab Loving followers of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. My name is Jameson and I am rich-chocolate, aged to perfection, looking for a connoisseur who appreciates fine things. Ok, who am I kidding – I’m a ten-year-old […]



Vinnie – Yellow Male X, 16 weeks, 35 lbs. P-P-P-Puppy Power! Hi everybody! My name is Vinnie and I am full of puppy power! Puppy power is the best! It gives me lots of energy to play, play, play, and play some more! Puppy power also gave me the power to overcome a very frightening […]



Tony – Yellow male, 1 year old Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Tony and I am excited to get to know you better! I am a very special boy – sweet and snuggly and smart as can be! I love young children and am a friend to everyone I meet. I am […]