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Rana – Our Princess Collection Yellow Female, 3.5 years, 53 lbs. The day the rescuers found me, is the day I like to call my reset day. I was lovingly told that I could be anything I wanted to be from here on out. I decided I wanted to be your four-legged princess. I want […]



Barley– Our New Happiness Collection Black Male, 2 years, 68 lbs Do you feel lonesome? Do you want someone to make you smile? Do you need a friend who will always drop everything for you and is always happy to see you? Do you spend too much time worrying and not enough time enjoying life? […]



Mauser – Yellow Male, 10 months, 60 lbs. They call me Mauser (rhymes with Bowzer), and I’m the sweetest boy ever. I’m 10 months old and very ready to find my forever family. You may be asking yourself what a nice boy like me is doing in rescue at such a young age. Well, I […]



Echo– Our Cuddle Collection Black Male, 76lbs, Age 3 Psst… Hi. My name is Echo and I am looking for my forever person who will see me as more than just another black dog but for the sweetheart I am inside. I may be shy for all of thirty seconds, but I am Echo for […]



Apollo – Chocolate male, 4 years, 74 lbs Luna – Black female, 6 years, 75 lbs Calling all NASA fans – if you would like to adopt a bonded pair that will love you to the moon and back, you are invited to apply to adopt sweet Apollo and Luna. They are out of this […]



Nancy – Black Female, 1-1/2 years old 60 lbs. My name is McGill, I call myself Lil, but everyone knows me as Nancy. I was down on my luck; my pockets turn inside out, and I get kicked out of my own casino, Chuck-n-Nancy’s below Coarsegold, California. Then a lady sees me wandering around aimlessly, […]



Jameson – The Smooth Operator Chocolate Male – Age 10. 60 lbs. Hello to all of you Lab Loving followers of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. My name is Jameson and I am rich-chocolate, aged to perfection, looking for a connoisseur who appreciates fine things. Ok, who am I kidding – I’m a ten-year-old […]



Cooper– Our Teddy Bear Collection Black Male, 5.5 years, 90 lbs. Hi, I’m Cooper and I am a pretty special guy – just ask my foster parents. Did you ever have a beloved Teddy Bear when you were a kid? You carried it around, confided all your secrets? It may have been missing an eye […]



Daisy Mae- Yellow Female, approx. 5ish years old, 63lbs Are you looking for your true love too? My name is Daisy Mae and I am seeking to join a family that I can love forever and ever and be loved forever and ever! You see, I have not experienced very much love in my early […]



Vinnie – Yellow Male X, 16 weeks, 35 lbs. P-P-P-Puppy Power! Hi everybody! My name is Vinnie and I am full of puppy power! Puppy power is the best! It gives me lots of energy to play, play, play, and play some more! Puppy power also gave me the power to overcome a very frightening […]



August– Our Happiness Collection Yellow 1-Year Old Male, 60lbs Hi there – August here; bringing on the cheer! I am a walk loving, one-dog fetching machine looking for love in all the right places! I’m a trick for a treat kind of a guy missing only a family to make me complete! If you need […]



Rosie – Chocolate Female, 1 year old, 67 lbs Hey Hi Hello!!! I am Rosie and I am so excited to meet you – my puppy tail is wagging so hard my whole body is wiggling! I am a puppy-licious high energy little girl who is just thrilled to be here looking for my forever […]



Our Sweetness Collection Ace – Black Male X, 60 lbs, Age 2 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Ace, and I am looking for a loving home to call my own. I may be shy but I am one loyal guy – your go-to sweetness friend. Perfect for sharing anything from secrets to adventures! […]


Timber– Our Rapping Rock Star Collection Black Male, 1 year, 68 lbs. “It’s going down, I’m ready to be adopted, I’m yelling timber! You better move, you better dance! Let’s make a life you’ll always remember! I’ll be the one, you won’t forget…”. Oh, hi there! You caught me singing ‘cause I’m happy! My name […]



Danny – Black Male X, 1 year, 70 lbs. Hello friends of rescue. Let me introduce myself, my name is Danny and I would love to be your new tail-wagging, snuggling, happy to see you best friend. I also have a secret, but more about that later! When you read about my start in life […]



Tony – Yellow male, 1 year old Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Tony and I am excited to get to know you better! I am a very special boy – sweet and snuggly and smart as can be! I love young children and am a friend to everyone I meet. I am […]