Zander – Yellow Male X, 6 months old, 50 lbs.

I’m Zander!! I’m a puppy with a purpose! I bring joy and smiles to everyone I meet. I love to play and eat! There are so many things I’m meant to do in this life. Will they be with you? Are you my purpose?

Zander is looking for his forever Family!!  He’s six months of pure adorable!

We met Zander at the pound while we were there checking on another dog. His eyes spoke to us “please get me out of here, I’m a good puppy”.  Although we could see he was a mix and someone had docked his tail for some reason, we could not resist taking in this pup who was there far too long, had goopy eyes due to kennel cough and we knew he was going to be euthanized at 6 months old. 

In the beginning, Zander was uncertain of everything he encountered ~ cars, friendly dogs, kitchen appliances, being inside a home, you name it. Then, suddenly, that wonderful transformation into a normal, playful, fun loving puppy happened!  In fact, he has turned into one of the sweetest, cuddliest pups ever!!

Zander is house-trained using a doggy door, sleeps all night either in a crate or on a bed with his foster brothers. He has been been exposed to cats, he’s still learning about them. He’s young and silly and would do great with kids and animals of all ages with some boundaries and training.

He loves toys and fetch and has learned to sit for a treat. He will need some more leash training of course he’s just a baby. Zander very much wants to please!

Zander is looking for someone who is willing to devote 10-15 years to him (thats a lot of years in a dog’s life), someone who would never consider moving without him, banishing him to the backyard because there’s a new baby or just simply decide he takes up too much time and space. Zander’s second life is going to be amazing. We will see to that, because he is our purpose. 

If you feel your destiny is to be part of Zander’s purpose, please fill out an adoption application at