Woody – Black Male, approximately 1 ½ years old and 76 lbs.  

Yep, it’s me again!!  Woody here, I am looking to find the perfect family that will have the time and patience to work with me! Can you say “Handsome”?  That’s what my foster mom says about me!   My foster mom says the best part is that my personality is just as special as my looks!  That says a lot for a boy who was living on the streets to being saved by the defenders of labs!  My foster mom says I’m a very smart boy because I not only learned to sit on my first day but I also learned to use the doggie door. I LOVE to follow her around because I love to eat, she’s the one that feeds me, and I especially love to be scratched all over.  

My foster mom feeds me snacks all the time since I was pretty thin when I first arrived.  My foster mom says I have filled out pretty well and have a deep beautiful healthy coat now.  I’m great at playing fetch and enjoy taking long walks.  I get along with all the other dogs, big and the small but I need slow introductions. They introduced me to a thing called a cat, boy I wanted to chase that cat! Not sure why, but it felt like that is what I’m supposed to do!  I really am excited about learning more about how to be an indoor dog, especially being included as part of the family. I’m good in the house and do my business outside.  I need plenty of chew toys, the really rugged ones. I still sleep in my crate at night, my foster mom says I’m still learning the ropes of being an inside dog.  I really wish I could stay at my foster mom’s house, but she says that there is someone special out there that really needs me to be their best friend.  So, if that’s you……here I am, I’m waiting for YOU!

Woody can be highly stimulated by his surroundings and may react.  He needs an experienced dog savvy family willing to work with him and who will not put him in situations too quickly that could cause him to fail. Woody would do ok with older children or none. He will require continued training, as well as mental and physical stimulation. 

If you would like to know more about Woody, please fill out an adoption application at www.labrescuefresno.org