Walter – Black Male, 9 ish, 85 lbs. 

HI! Walter here. I’d like to ask you a few questions. Are you ready to take a stroll and smell the roses? Are you ready to slow down just a bit and enjoy some of the precious things in life? I would be more than happy to assist you in these endeavors! Fine living is something I have recently studied and I have come to realize that I really love it. Plush blankets and beds, walks downtown, good food, and even vet visits have become some of my most favorite luxuries. My two best favorites are face washes and peanut butter filled bones. Who knew these things were so awesome?  The defenders of dogs at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno did and they made it so!

So, I need to talk about a couple of shortcomings I have, but they aren’t really at all MY fault. My hips aren’t so great these days. Jumping just doesn’t work for me anymore, but hey, do you know what that means? Jumping just doesn’t work for me anymore, but hey, do you know what that means? I can’t counter surf! No bummer here, man. I have some skin allergies too. A limited ingredient diet seems to have made that kinda almost nonexistent. Most significant though, are my ears. My ears have been infected and neglected for what seems to be my entire life, until now. They are now being thoroughly and properly treated. I couldn’t hear even the loudest boom on my first day with my foster mom. Then I went to the vet and got a shot of steroids and they packed my ears with medicine. In the days that followed I started hearing sounds! First it was footsteps in the hall, then I started coming when I was called. I tell you, I was so so tired, and I took so many long naps in my soft blankets, but every time I woke up I felt better. Not what you would expect from this mature guy right? So I’m hard of hearing, not an athlete, super sweet, I love everyone and all dogs, cats seem ok but a real test is coming soon, and with a little help from you, I ride in the car like a dream! Oh and I ask to go out from my crate (I am crate trained), and I know where the back door is at my foster family’s house. 

Walter is in a foster home with bossy diva canine sisters and tolerates their antics very well. He knows where the back door is (doggie door) and has a potty routine down now. He requires an adopter that will take absolute responsibility for the health of his ears and preserve the hearing he has regained. He needs a single level home, and someone willing to ensure that the rest of his years are as golden as he is.

If you are interested in learning more about handsome Walter, please fill out an Adoption Application at