Tucker- Yellow Male, 5 years old, 70 lbs.

“Patience is a virtue”

Hello new friends! My name is Tucker and I am so very pleased to meet you. I am a gentle and kind soul, wise beyond my years, seeking my forever family. Though I am 5, I have come to value patience a great deal. You see, I have had to endure quite a bit of unpleasantness in my life…I was born in a place where my litter-mates and I were just paychecks to the backyard breeder. Taken from our mother too early, kept in unclean and cramped quarters, never shown love or affection – I was sold to whoever was willing to pay the asking price, no thought about if the buyers would treat me well and give me a good home…

I ended up in a home where I was not part of the family. I was simply a yard ornament. I was so sad and so scared. But I was patient…after all, good things come to those who wait, ya know? One day, I found my way to the angels at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and wow, did my patience ever pay off! I now live with my foster family and I am learning so much! I am learning that, yes, I am allowed to enter doors, to be inside the house as a beloved member of the family. I am learning that when a person reaches towards me, that they are going to pet me softly, and it won’t hurt! In fact, it will feel amazing and comforting. I am learning that there are these things called toys that are fun to play with and chew on. I am learning the comfort of a soft bed every night. I am learning how incredible it is to snuggle close to my people. I am learning that mealtime is dependable and delicious!

I am learning to be a dog.

Tucker is a very sweet and tender boy who has sadly had a rough start in life. He is seeking a forever family who is willing to be patient with him, as he is still learning to trust in people. Tucker is great with other dogs and would love a doggie buddy to help him continue to learn how to be a dog. He is a very smart boy and has already become house-trained and crate-trained in his foster home. Tucker is a handsome dog who just needs a lot of love and patience, and he will reward his new family with true devotion and will love you endlessly. If you have a patient rescuers’ heart and would like to make this darling boy a member of your family forever, please apply today at www.labrescuefresno.org.