Timber– Our Rapping Rock Star Collection
Black Male, 1 year, 68 lbs.

“It’s going down, I’m ready to be adopted, I’m yelling timber!
You better move, you better dance! Let’s make a life you’ll always remember!
I’ll be the one, you won’t forget…”. Oh, hi there! You caught me singing ‘cause I’m happy! My name is Timber and I’m so excited because I’m going to be adopted! That’s right! A once in a lifetime chance to have some Timber in your life!

Ok, so before I was a Rapping Rock Star – what, you don’t think Labbies can like Pitbull? Oh, back to what I was saying. Before, I was a dog on the street, down on his luck, who didn’t have a home and ended up in the pokie aka shelter. But never fear, a talented fellow like me was soon discovered by the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, and they sprung me and signed me up! A tried and true contract to hook me up with my very own forever family! Is that you? Are you ready for the Rock Star Rapper Timber?

Now me, under this handsome physique lies one big, happy puppy heart and plenty of labby energy. So, of course, I love life. I love to meet people. I love water. I love car rides! I love to chase livestock … oh, wait, I’m not really supposed to do that. Maybe I need to be your jogging partner instead? Or fetch some sticks from the water for you? Now, there is one more thing, they spell it because it is my favorite … do you know about the B-A-L-L – I’ll chase it for you every time, it’s my favorite thing besides you! Perhaps I should tell you that I am also a budding Houdini who can scale kennel walls when I need to escape to find you because I’m just that smart. Maybe I could go to school and learn what is right and what is wrong for my puppy self? I am off to a great start – house trained and crate trained (although I would rather sleep by you) and learning the leash leads to all kinds of good things. Oh, and if you want to get to my soft, mushy heart, well a belly rub doesn’t hurt. I’ll love you right from the start! Really, everything is so new, I just want to experience it all with you! Won’t you please adopt little o’l me? Let Timber come tumbling into your life and you won’t remember how you managed without!

Timber is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. This house-trained guy is an energetic love bug that wants nothing more than to have his very own family. As a young dog, Timber will require regular exercise and training to ensure he develops into a true Rock Star Rapper. He loves people, but can be picky about his doggie friends so would do best as your one and only in a home without cats. He needs a secure place while you are away to keep him safe and a strong experienced leader. If you have room in your heart and home, you can’t go wrong with this Rock Star Rapper. If you would like to adopt Timber, please fill out an application at our website: www.LabRescueFresno.Org