Taffy – Chocolate Female, 5 years old, 55 lbs. 

Hello new friends, my name is Taffy and it is so nice to meet you! I am looking for a very special family to call my own. You see, life has not been very kind to me until I made it to LRRF. I lived in a wire pen for most of my life. I came to rescue with scabs on my throat, face, and legs. When I first arrived at my foster home, I was terrified. I did not even want to walk through the door. I just dropped to my belly, folded up my paws under me, and laid down as flat as I possibly could. Maybe the people won’t be able to see me if I make myself small? Then at least they can’t be mean to me if they can’t see me… 

Slowly I realized that this new place was full of love and kindness. The people touch me gently and make me feel safe. They feed me delicious food regularly. Now I live in a place called a house, where the air is just the right temperature and there are so many soft surfaces to sleep and cuddle on. I even learned about these super fun things called toys! I am still a shy girl, but I am finally ready to find that special family that I can trust to love me forever. I promise I will love you forever too! 

I am a gentle loving girl who would never hurt a fly. I am a friend to all – adults, children, big dogs, small dogs, cats, chickens, you name it. I am even-tempered and calm and have never shown any aggression toward any living thing despite my difficult past. I love to sit next to my people and receive gentle strokes on my head and ears. I am a smart girl and have mastered house-training and crate-training since coming to rescue. I love my crate actually – it is my safe place! I even gather all of my toys and keep them in there with me for safe-keeping. I love to play with other dogs and romp around the yard. I also love to splash in water. It may take me a while to show you my true personality, but once I trust you, you will discover what a sweet loving creature I am. 

Taffy is a gentle soul who will thrive with a patient family who will give her the support she needs to come out of her shell and continue to build her confidence. It may take some time, but once Taffy trusts you, you will be rewarded with endless love and devotion. If you would like to make this beautiful lady a special member of your family, please apply to adopt Taffy at www.labrescuefresno.org