Sunshine – Yellow Female, 3 years old, 65 lbs.

It’s easy to just get used to a way of life, I thought being bare foot and pregnant was my destiny. Then I just thought, is this really all there is to life? I decided to find out, I went on a road trip right to the pound. Crap! This place sucks, then I got kennel cough, maybe I ought to go back home. I need to get out of town, BINGO this nice lady said you’re coming with me. I end up in the foothills, staying with some nice folks. I can tell they really care for us dogs, they tell me how beautiful I am and feed me great food. This is doable, I’m inside the house in my own crate. This guy comes over to my pad and we go to his place, these people treat me great too! I was so used to being miserable, I didn’t know life could be so cool. 

They have a nice handsome Lab boy; we get along great. He helps me get out the front door when no one is looking and shows me where all the squirrel holes are. When they discover I’m AWOL, they whistle, I come right back. They pet me and tell me good girl; my past life wasn’t that chill.This place has 3 house cats. I’ve never dealt with cats before. They don’t like you getting up in their business, I’ve got the scars to prove it. If I leave them alone I don’t need no more tourniquets.

 I wasn’t too happy about the spay thing, it hurt, but I got pain meds and I’m good as new. They thought I might have some hip issues, took x-rays, and they were right. I need to go to a home where I don’t get too much exercise, so no marathon runners. I’m pretty content being inside or outside, and I really like going out in the garage when the manager trainee of this place is fixing things, he cusses like a sailor when he is working on his tractor that is older than him. I always get a smile and a chuckle when he throws tractor parts down the driveway, then mumbles “operator error”. Even if you don’t have a tractor, I’d love to be your forever Lab, I’m easily amused. 

I’m ret-2-go, better get in line. I know I’m going to get a lot of people that want me because I’m almost perfect, and so beautiful, even if I say so.

Sunshine is a beautiful girl looking for a family who will make her part of their life. If you would like to know more about Sunshine, please fill out an adoption application at