Sugar – Yellow Female, 9 years old, 85 lbs.

Well hello there new friends! My name is Sugar because I am so sweet just like sugar! Lucky for you, I am not the type of sugar that causes cavities and weight gain though – I am the kind that warms your heart with soft snuggles and makes you smile with my spunky energy. And even luckier for you, I am searching for a true forever family to share my sweetness with for the rest of my days! I did have a family for a long time, where I was a hunting dog. But as I got a little older and a little slower, my hunting days came to an end and I found my way to those angels at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. They don’t care if you can hunt! They just want you to be happy and live a great life full of love and comfort. Are you looking for some sweet Sugar in your life? Let’s chat some more!

I am discovering all the incredible creature comforts that come with retirement – I love to sleep on the sofa and the big bed and cuddle up close to my foster family for lots of pets and loving <3 I just can’t get enough of those snuggles! My foster family is also helping me with my diet too…I love human food so much, but it is tough to maintain my girlish figure with all those scraps, so they are helping gain a taste for high-quality dry food to help me stay healthy and trim. I may be in retirement, but I still love to frolic and play and I have a nice balanced energy level. I love to go for walks and I am working hard on perfecting my leash manners. I am also house-trained and always mind my manners in the house. No inappropriate chewing here! I really don’t care for the crate, so my foster family lets me have run of the house and I have proven that I am trustworthy to roam free indoors. I love my Labrador foster sister and get along great with kids too! Cats and small dogs may not be the best fit for me, as I was a hunting dog for so long and it is hard to turn off those instincts just because I am retired. When I take one of my many naps per day, I often dream about my forever family…in my dreams my forever family loves me so much and keeps me close to them in the house, they pet me and hug me, they whisper their secrets in my ears and I always keep them, they snuggle me close, and they feed me lots of delicious treats. In my dreams I imagine how much I will love and cherish them, how I will lick away their tears when they are sad, how I will rub up against them to show them how special they are, how I will get excited and celebrate with them when good things happen, how I will give them one of those big-eyed irresistible stares when I really want a bite of the delicious snacks they are eating, and how I will always remain loyal and devoted to them for the rest of my days. I think this is my time to make my dreams a reality!

If you are looking for a companion who is as sweet as sugar, look no further than Sugar! This gorgeous sweetie pie certainly lives up to her name in every way. Sugar is a loving and affectionate girl who wants nothing more than to make her family happy forever! Apply today to see if Sugar is the girl for you at and lets make Sugar’s dreams of her forever family come true – she definitely deserves it!