Sierra – A Perfect Dog

Black Female Age 10

My name is Sierra and I love you.  All I want in life is to love you.  My whole purpose in life is to love you.  I am a good dog.  They say I am a perfect dog.  Food, water, a warm place to sleep, add a ball and you have all the essentials I need except for you, the most important thing.  I will love you every day, in every way, as long as I still breath. 

My life before? At first, I was a bit bewildered.  My brother and I had a home and a pretty good life with a family I could love.  Then they started fighting.  It was awful, it was everything.  My brother and I became like inanimate objects – like the fall out of war.  They even forgot to feed us during this harsh time.  They say I almost starved – I only weighted 37.5 pounds when I was saved, but what I really and truly was starving for was someone to love.  It is my life’s purpose after all.  But then, these people came.  They got down on their knees and they saw me – I was a living, breathing dog again! Such tenderness they showed, I followed them to the car without looking back, not knowing the joy that was in-store, just following someone to love.  Little did I know I was rescued by the very best.  The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and they have promised to find me someone to love who will never, ever let me down again. 

I am house trained, crate trained, and will come when called.  I know lie down and get in, I am as easy as they come.  I like to go with rides in the car, especially as then I am with you, the person I most adore.  I like to play in the backyard with my ball, I am a Labrador after all! I am trusting and loving and ask for nothing beyond some to be my hero.  However, at 10, my foster mom says supplements and pain medication for the arthritis in my back legs would be the most awesome of additions to my life.  So please, won’t you consider adding me, a loving old lady, to your life?  I know I have golden years left to devote to loving you most.

Sierra is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She is a perfect, house-trained dog that gets along with all sizes of people and dogs.  She is trusting and loving and asks for nothing.  Her needs are simple – gentle exercise, supplements, and someone to love.  If you would like to give this Perfect Girl the home she was denied, please fill out an application at: