Sandy – Yellow Female, 2 years, 52 lbs.

I’ll bet some of you Labrador lovers understand how life can take an unexpected turn.  I sure do.  There I was, cute as a button and bursting with enthusiasm when I was picked up from the breeder.  He named me Sandy and things were great at first.  I got to cuddle and kiss and get on laps.  But after a while, I found myself outside a lot of the time.  I love people so much.  I didn’t ever expect to be left alone.  I didn’t like it.  

Then suddenly, in a terrible unexpected turn, my owner was gone.  I was sad and then, worried.  Everything was so different.  Not better, just different.  Luckily after just a short time, another unexpected turn.  I met my foster Mom and Dad and went home with them.   Turns out that my owner’s family members had asked the Defenders of Dogs to help find a new home for me.  Now I’m back in a house and running around the yard with my foster peeps feeling hopeful.

What will the next unexpected turn bring my way?  Will it be love and companionship?

Will it be you?

Sandy is a sweet energetic girl who is very friendly and a bit bouncy.  Her greetings and play are exuberant so no little humans.   She will do well with an experienced, energetic adult.  Her high energy level requires a good amount of daily exercise and her intelligence will be best channeled with obedience classes.  She is very affectionate and playful with a sunny, spunky attitude.  Sandy will do well as an only dog but, it’s possible, with proper introductions, she may like an energetic dog buddy.   She is house trained and sleeps well in a crate all night.   However, her house manners need some work, as she is just now finding out that there are such a thing as house manners. 

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