Randy and Mudbug


The Dynamic Duo!

Randy the Lab (yellow male 6 yrs.) and Mudbug the bloodhound (tan male 5 yrs.), 100ish lbs 

DaDaDaDaDaDa … Randy!  Hi to all you Lab Lovers!  Ever hear of the Dynamic Duo?  No, not that wimpy pair in tights, but me, Randy, and my sidekick Mudbug!  We’re famous across the land – fighting against loneliness and despair!  With Mudbug’s bloodhound nose, we sniff it out, and using my Labby powers, POW! BAM! DROOL! We chase it away!  How about you – are you in need of rescuing?  Once in a lifetime opportunity – Mudbug and I need a new Dog Cave complete with someone to love!  Could you be our Alfred – true and loyal forever, just like Mudbug and me? 

Now, I’m an old paw at Rescue and let me tell you while we might be the Dynamic Duo, the true superheroes are the Rescuers.  You see, I have been rescued before.  Not my fault my humans let me down not once, but twice.  But this was new to poor Mudbug, and he was a bit confused at first – we had a comfortable dog cave and life was good.  Then our humans started fighting and yelling – it was awful!  We tried and tried to save them, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  The big, ugly “D” word came, and the humans forget everything else.  We literally ended up at the pound!  Really!  Mudbug was so scared, and well, I have to admit I was too!  But I didn’t need to be.  The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno was called and they drove hours to come and save me – they never let one of us down!  When they got here, they could clearly see Mudbug and I were true family and wouldn’t make me leave him behind!  So, here we are Randy and Mudbug – a most loving and loyal Dynamic Duo!

You should know that like all Dynamic Duo’s, Mudbug and I are smart, strong and brave.  We of course respect our dog cave and potty only outside, and we sleep well in crate – it’s like a mini bat cave you see.  Mudbug even went to school to get trained, but we are both so anxious to get back out there and do good, we do need some leash refreshers. Oh, and we LOVE to go for car rides! We do love our fellow dogs, but cats, really, not so much.  Other than that, we have big hearts we just want to share with you.  So now the Dynamic Duo, Lab and Bloodhound, are on the hunt – singing our Bat Dog Song till we find our forever family.  DaDaDaDaDaDaDa Randy! (And Mudbug too!)

Randy and Mudbug are available for adoption preferably together from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  They are a large, loving, bonded pair that are house trained and know the basic commands.  Because of their size, a home with older children is best. They get along with other dogs but would be best in a home without cats.  They will need a leash refresher course and regular exercise to keep their Super Hero status.  If you have room in your home for this Dynamic Duo, they will love you forever.  If interested, please fill out an application at: www.labrescuefresno.org