Payton – Yellow Male, 2 years, 65 lbs.

Payton here, a diamond in the rough, looking for a loving forever home with a family who has a rescue heart. Take the time to add the polish, to let me know you’re the good kind of human, and in return I will be your Shinning Super Star Diamond! I know together we will live a happily ever after!

So, not a whole lot is known about my past. I was found on the mean streets of Madera, scared of my own shadow. From there, it was the shelter – not the best place for a dog who is frightened and alone. But I do have a Guardian Angel who sent in the Earth-Bound Helpers. You may have heard of them, these Defenders of Dogs. Known to you as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. From the streets to a loving foster home. My first experience of a home filled with kindness! Is it any wonder I want to keep them in my sight?

Now me, I am learning there are good people in the world. People that love dogs and see the shinning potential in me. I have so much to learn, but my foster mom will tell you my past didn’t destroy my desire to love and be loved, my gentle, kind soul. I would love a doggy friend; I can take my cues from them! I even love the cats in my foster home, from the smallest kitten to the grouchiest old one. I am good in my crate, my safe place, while I learn the ropes of being part of a family. Are you the one to take this boy and turn me into a superstar? Love me for who I am, docked tail and all? Most important, be my rock and show me the goodness in mankind? I promise, you will discover a true Diamond in me!

Payton is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He has had a rough life and requires patience to gain trust. Once gained, he is your loving shadow. He loves dogs and cats and would like to have a fur friend to help guide him. He is a fairly mellow guy who will need training to reach the full potential that is shining in his eyes. If you would like to adopt Payton and give him the loving home he so deserves, please fill out an application at our website: