Nancy – Black Female, 1-1/2 years old 60 lbs.

My name is McGill, I call myself Lil, but everyone knows me as Nancy. I was down on my luck; my pockets turn inside out, and I get kicked out of my own casino, Chuck-n-Nancy’s below Coarsegold, California.

Then a lady sees me wandering around aimlessly, and asked me if I needed a ride, sure take me anywhere but here. We make a few stops and I finally end up below Shaver Lake. Now I hit the jackpot, they have a couple labs and a German shepherd here, I like all dogs, and they have cats, strange animals, unless they are running I leave them alone cause the lady of the house, sounds like a chainsaw going off if I bug them. They must have thousands of cords of wood here.

Everyone says I’m a sweetheart and a cutie, I know how to sit, shake and lay down, I also haven’t gone potty in the house. I don’t make too much noise and I sleep in my crate at night. I’m young and full of energy but I settle down if I get enough exercise and will lay in your lap. We walk down and get the paper every morning and the manager trainee says I pull on the leash too hard, I get a shiny collar on and shazam, I walk like a pro. When I go outside off leash I stay close to whoever I’m with, I like going for rides inside the truck, but I sometimes get a little car sick if the road is curvy.

It doesn’t matter to me if my forever home has another dog or not, I’ve been around small dogs and children without problems, I am good natured and lovable. I like to chew so I need to have some toys around, so I don’t eat your couch.

Now that I am back on my paws, I think I might try my luck at the casino’s roulette wheel, I’m putting all my coins on black.

Nancy is available for adoption through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She is still a young girl so an investment in training will benefit both owner and dog to ensure a lifetime of happiness for both parties. If interested in Nancy, please fill out an adoption application at our website