Miko. The Spirited Collection

Age: 9 months

Yellow male

Weight 71 pounds

Hello all labbie lovers! Are you ready for me??  Do you like to play?  Are you good at tug-o-war? Can you play fetch?  Do you like toys? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I heard there is a forever family in my near future and I am so excited I just can’t help it! 

As with so many young pups, I grew faster and had a higher energy level than my owners anticipated. So I was sent out to the backyard. Now a backyard is a fun place if you’re with your people, but it is a sad and lonely place for a dog to be by themselves. I knew there were people inside and I just wanted them to play with me and love me.  There are so many wonderful things about me you should know. I have already learned to sit, I am crate trained and I know how to use the outside potty.  I have been working on my leash skills and I promise I will do my best to learn to walk by your side. My foster mom tells me I am very handsome with soft yellow fur and she loves how I lean my head into her and sit on her feet. Even my name was chosen especially for me. Miko means “beautiful child” and it makes me feel very special.

Miko is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. As with all labs, he may have puppy like tendencies for the first couple of years. He is a big puppy and is still growing and will need an active adopter to help him use his energy. He is good with children, loves water and will bring his toys to you so you can play together. Because of his size, he would not be a good fit in a household with small dogs but a larger dog would be a good companion. Miko does not care for cats. Since he was in a home with little attention he loves affection and once he bonds with you he will be your best friend for life. Miko will require training to be an exemplary canine good citizen and remember that a young lab is a 10-15 year commitment.   If you think handsome Miko would be a great forever addition to your family, please fill out an application at: www.labrescuefresno.org

And as always, thank you for choosing to adopt and for helping us save lives.