Marley & Sierra

Lovable Labrador “Package Deal”

Do you have a home and heart big enough for two? Check out the pair listed below, who will steal your heart, guaranteed!

Marley -Yellow Male Age 9

Here I am to save the day! Hi! I’m Marley and I am here to help you keep your New Year’s Eve goals and you can help me keep mine! You will see I’m a Labrador fountain of youth! Nine is the new four with me! Walking, ball chasing; no need for gym memberships or expensive exercise equipment with me around! I’m your own, built- in motivational coach! Slow down too much and I’ll let you know we need to go faster! Come meet me and you shall see – Marley is the dog to be!

Basically, while I may be 9, I’m still an athlete! I love, love, love to go, go, go! If I get my exercise in – chasing balls, walks, jogs, then I can settle down to my real priorities in life! I love to cuddle and snuggle and listen to you for hours. Tell me everything! I’m the one person on this planet that will never, ever betray you! I will always come when you call – just say my name – there isn’t a squirrel in the world that will keep me away! So, don’t you see – we are meant to be? My New Year’s resolution is to be your very best friend! What are you waiting for? Put in that application so Sierra and I can come live with you forever!

Sierra- Black Female Age 10

My name is Sierra and I love you. All I want in life is to love you. I am a good dog. They say I am a perfect dog (I’m modest and very well mannered, so I don’t like to brag). Food, water, a warm place to sleep, add a ball and you have all the essentials I need except for you, the most important thing. I will love you every day, in every way, as long as I still breath.

I am house trained, crate trained, and will come when called. I know “lie down” and “get in”, I am as easy as they come. I love to go for walks and rides in the car, because then I am with you, the person I most adore. I like to play in the backyard with my ball, I am a Labrador after all! I’m not quite as active as my partner Marley, but I still love life and everything and everybody. I am trusting and loving and ask for nothing beyond someone to be my hero. I am 10, so my foster mom says joint supplements and pain medication for the arthritis in my back legs would be the most awesome of additions to my life.

Do you wonder how dogs as delightful as us come to need a new home? Well Marley and I once had a home and a pretty good life with a family we could love. But then they started fighting, and we were forgotten. There wasn’t enough food to eat and we were very hungry. I only weighed 37.5 lbs when we were saved. But what we were really and truly starving for more than anything was someone to love, and someone to love us. But then, these people from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno came just in time. They got down on their knees and they saw me-I felt like a living, breathing dog again! They showed such tenderness, I knew it was going to be okay…and we followed them to the car without looking back. They promised to find us a new forever home and someone who would never ever let us down again.

Marley and Sierra are available for adoption from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. They are both house trained and crate trained and get along well with all sizes of people and dogs (there are no cats in their foster home, so how well they get along with cats is unknown) Marley needs regular exercise and plenty of attention and love. Sierra needs gentle exercise, joint supplements and generic arthritis medication. If you would like to adopt Marley and Sierra, please fill out an application at our website