Mandy – yellow female, 8 years young, 68 lbs.

My name is Mandy and I have been given a miracle – a chance to start over in a brand-new life!  My Angles, known on Earth as Rescuers, assure me that I am not worthless like some would have me think, but that I actually have a great value to people who understand a dog’s heart!  So much so that when I was born I was blessed with Happy Personality no one has been able to break!  Now, as I look at my life opening up before me, all that is missing in my family!  And when I find my family, my foster dad will earn his rescuer wings!

So, to tell my story.  I had owners.  I won’t call them a family – I have learned in just my brief time in my foster home that they were never that!  These owners, after years of leaving me on my own alone in the backyard, a dirt ground my bed, pretty much ignored, ended up taking me for “one of those drives.”  You know the kind – where your people trick you into thinking you are going on a car ride and they dump you in the boonies instead!  Really!  You can’t make this stuff up!  So, that is how a little shelter found me, alone and scared. With the first miracle of my whole life, they brought me to the attention of the people who make dreams come true for dogs like me (you know these hero’s as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.)   And they have shown me that there is a wonderful life out there just for me!  I feel as if I have just been born!

I will tell you I still have plenty of life in me, and my energy has been restored by the love and kindness of my foster family.  I am strong and happy and ready to begin again.  I have learned about the crate and am learning to walk on a leash, although I am still getting the hand of it as I have never had a walk before probably in my whole life.  My favorite pass time is being with my human, although some of my four-legged foster family are pretty cool as well.  When I am around loving people, I just lay looking up to Heaven, all four feet going this way and that, and thank the world for my second chance at life.  I have discovered wondrous things like carpet and air conditioning, grass and toys! And with every day that passes, I forget a little more my previous life, and believe a little more in my miracles!   All I need now is you, with a kind and patient heart, to make everything complete – a Wonderful Life forever with you, my friend, my soul-mate.

Mandy is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  She is a super sweet, girl with plenty of get-up and go who is experiencing what she should have had her whole life – love and understanding.    All she wants is love and hugs and regular exercise.  She gets along with most dogs but being with people is his absolute favorite.  (There are no cats in her foster home so how she is with cats is unknown -although she does well with the small dogs.).  She has an amazingly happy attitude for a dog who was never given much attention and wouldn’t mind being in an only dog home with very own human, so she can experience being someone’s princess.   She will need some refresher courses in manners, regular exercise and could benefit from a dental cleaning.  If you are interested in being Mandy’s Miracle, and giving a rescuer their wings, please put in an application at: