Lucius – The Sunshine Collection

Blonde Male, Age 5, 55 lbs

Hi! My name is Lucius!  Oh, not the meanie dad in Harry Potter, but as in “Of Light” or “Of the Day.”  My first-ever real name, so foster mom named me for my sunny, happy nature! I’m a tail-wagging, snuggle bug who is an expert at wiggling into your heart!   Oh, and did I mention I am up for adoption?  Pretty good deal, don’t you think? I come with a life time of Sunny Kisses!

So, I have to tell you I am one lucky dog!  I started life who knows how, wandering the streets looking for my happily ever after.  Instead of finding love, I found myself in the doggy slammer!  Where is the luck you ask?   I was lucky because, rather than a short walk to death, I was rescued up by the best of the best, known by dogs as the Defenders of Dogs, known by you as The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  And here I am! Aren’t I cute? And did I mention I’m a Happy Ray of Sunshine who will brighten your day! 

I’m basically a big goof who wants to make everyone love him!  My foster mom has been great -she says I make people fall in love with me – that I’m the light at the end of the day.  She also lets me be part of the family!  I get to live inside – a very welcome change especially in this heat!  I get to stay right by her side to make sure she has plenty of doggy kisses.  I also like playing with dogs my size, but never having had a toy before, I’m learning about those.  I’m also learning that if I do this thing called “sit” I get a piece of cheese!  Yum!  I need a bit of fattening up and I love to see you smile so keep the treats coming and I’ll keep the learning up until I’m a graduate!  I sleep well in the crate – once you get me in.  (I like it when foster mom picks me up and gives me a hug, so I let her put me in every night.).  Everyone is as happy to see me as I am them – it’s so nice to finally have friends!  I do have my basic manners, potty training, sit, things like that, but I am really looking forward to my forever family to turn me into a Lucius Special Edition! Could you be the one I have been searching for?  PS.  I love you!  Together every day will be a Sun Shinny Day!

Lucius is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  He is a very sweet boy who is happy, loving and just wants to please and be loved.  He is housetrained but has just begun his training and so will require continued basic training.  He is eager to please and it is anticipated he will respond well to training.   He would like regular exercise every day.   He loves his doggy friends and people of all shapes and sizes.  Cats are unknown, but he hasn’t demonstrated much prey drive, so he may be ok with a dog-savvy cat.    If you have room in your heart and your home for this super sweet ray of sunshine, please fill out an application at our website https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org.

Thank You,
The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno