Jazzy – Yellow Maile, 9 years old, 77 lbs

Hi there new friends! Are you looking for a low-key sidekick to share your days with? Well look no further, I am right here! My name is Jazzy and I have been through some pretty big challenges during my nine years on this earth. I have known sadness and pain that many dogs have not…you see I was dumped at the shelter after I developed a limp and my former owner requested that I be put down because of my knee injuries. Gosh, I thought my life was worth more than that ☹ Luckily for me I made my way to those Defenders of Dogs at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and they recognized that I still have value and got me the medical treatments I needed! Two TPLO knee surgeries later, and here I am, walking like a pro on all four legs again! 

I am a sweet and happy dog that loves to be petted gently. My favorite activity is taking nice stroll around the neighborhood by your side. I also love to swim and it helps me keep my knees in tip top condition! I am a quiet fellow who just likes to lay at your feet and be in your general vicinity. With all that I have been through, I am a bit sensitive, and I do not care for rowdy play or rough-housing. I simply want to retire in peace, lounge on a soft bed, and get some back rubs. I am house-trained and crate-trained, though I don’t really need to be crated – I have proved myself to be trustworthy to have free run in my foster home. Well, to be honest if you leave a steak on the countertop before you leave the house, I may help myself – I am a Labrador after all! I only have so much will-power! I enjoy the company of other large dogs, and I even tolerate the indoor cat in my foster home! I do like the quiet life though, and I prefer older kids and adults who respect the sanctity of doggie nap time. I’m looking for that special person or family. 

Jazzy is a mellow guy with simple needs – give him a soft bed, a back scratch, and a daily stroll and he is as happy as can be! Jazzy would be an excellent companion for a fellow retiree! He is a loving boy who has been through a lot in his life, and just wants to relax and take it easy in his golden years. Jazzy will need to take some inexpensive joint supplements to keep his knees strong as he ages, but other than that his knees are all healed up. If you are looking for a laidback furry friend to share your life with, apply to adopt Jazzy today at www.labrescuefresno.org!