Gauge – Chocolate Male, 6-7 Years, 78 lbs.

Do you like Chocolate?  Nuts and Chews?  Soft Centers?  Well, my name is Gauge – a certified one of a kind, sweet as pie chocolate with a little bit of nut and a whole lot of softie center.  I’m on the lookout for that chocolate connoisseur to partner up with to make life grand – think that could be you?

Now, up until a little while ago, I had been hanging out in this back yard with not a lot of attention as when I was a younger lad. The kids came along, they went about their lives and somewhere along the way, forgot about me, their faithful friend. Then one day I heard we were “moving” – but shockingly it didn’t include me! I never did anything wrong, yet I was to be left behind. I had no idea what was going to happen to me but someone was watching out for me and contacted the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  They saw that I was that perfect chocolate treat, worthy of love and a family to share that with.  So here I am, with their help, looking for the family who likes a little bit of nut, skip the chew, add a soft and loving heart and perhaps a puppy kiss or two.  A family that will see there are few as loyal as me.

Now, I am a happy, fun loving guy, smart too!  I want to be the center of someones universe. I want to be your Chocolate Joy.  I want to please you, teach me a few tricks so I can entertain you.  So far, I have mastered the potty location and that the crate is my den of safety.   But I know there is still a whole big world out there to discover with that special someone full love and kindness who can guide me.  Won’t that be you?  Haven’t I waited patiently, long enough?  Look into my eyes, don’t you see my sweet, soft center?  A little nut to keep life interesting? Let’s get together!

Gauge is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  A sweet, energetic boy with a heart of gold, he gets along well with people and other dogs. His previous address had children who he loved. There are no cats in his foster home so we do not know how he would be with felines. If you would like to give Gauge the home he deserves, please fill out an application at:

And from all of us at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, thank you for your continued support!  Without you, there would be no rescue.