Flint – Silver Male X, 1-1/2 Years, 59 LBS.

I don’t know where to start, I’m alone, hungry, my fur is a mess and I’ve got a weird skin thing going on. I’m trying to find a dog that has more issues than me, I walk in shadows, searching for light, cold and alone, no comfort in sight. Hoping and prayin’ for someone who care, always movin’ and goin’ nowhere. I’m searching though I don’t succeed, but someone look there’s a growing need. Then a friendly lady picks me up and feeds me. She gets on her computer and BAM! She finds a rescue that wants me. A world filled with love is a wonderful sight, being in love is what’s heart’s delight.

Okay I go to the vet, get meds and I’m on the way to recovery. Then this musician looking dude picks me up, I’m thinking that he’s going to dump me somewhere, I’m not getting out of this truck, he grabs me and slowly gets me on the ground and puts me in this open space with grass. Then I see another dog his tail is wagging, he likes me. Pretty soon my new bud, Derek, and I are running all over the place in this huge yard.

Okay the manager and the musician manager trainee, are shaking their heads. They tell me I got no manners. I’m a fast learner, the first thing they teach me is OFF. I’m pretty good at that now. Let’s add sit, shake, and house broken oops still needs some work. I’ve finally got this crate thing figured out, and I’m seeing some small critters prowling around, called cats, strange, I just ignore them.

I’m putting on weight and my fur is starting to look pretty good, I’m young and active. I’ve figured out how to chill and lay down when the management eats, I know I’ll get a treat after they finish. It’s cool finding out what a normal dog life is like, I know this setup is temporary, but I’m ready to find a permanent home. I’m not broken hearted anymore, get your application going and lets do this.  Fill out an adoption application at: www.labrescuefresno.org