Emmie – Black Female, 2 years, approximately 40 lbs.

Hi there! My name is Emmie and I am searching for a special forever home. Do you understand what it is to be shy and reserved? If so, you may be my kindred spirit! I am a very sweet and shy girl who needs to find that special family to take things slow with me.  Once I learn that I can trust you, I will give you my entire heart and be forever loyal to you! It may take me some time to get there, but trust me, the end result is well worth it. Once we get to know one another I will be your devoted cuddle buddy for the rest of my life! 

I am a young girl who has had to overcome big changes in my life recently. You see, I used to have a family, but one day I became untrusting of new people. My life before was very chaotic, there were always new people and smells coming in and out of my home. It became unfair to have me in an environment that was at a faster pace than I could adjust to. Luckily for me, the defender of dogs saw that underneath the shyness was a sweet and gentle love-bug who deserved a chance at a happy life. The nice folks at Lab Rescue continued to help me overcome my fears and adapt to the changes going on around me with proper training and patience. They took me to live with my foster family. At first, I was scared, but as I got to know my foster family, I slowly came out of my shell and showed them my true colors – I am a tender snuggle dog who just wants to be loved! I have excellent house manner and love to be close by my people.

Emmie is an exceptionally sweet girl who just needs someone to show her what patience and love truly is. She is fully house-trained and is active but has matured past the crazy puppy stage. She loves to cuddle with you on the couch and will give you all of her devotion and love once she feels comfortable with you. Emmie does need a special experienced family with kids over the age of ten, that will take their time and be patient while she settles in and begins to feel comfortable with them. Emmie may take time and effort to get to know, but once she lets her guard down you will be rewarded with love and loyalty like no other! If you are interested in getting to know Emmie and becoming her special family, please apply today at www.labrescuefresno.org!