Echo– Our Cuddle Collection
Black Male, 76lbs, Age 3

Psst… Hi. My name is Echo and I am looking for my forever person who will see me as more than just another black dog but for the sweetheart I am inside. I may be shy for all of thirty seconds, but I am Echo for a reason. Because whatever you show me, I will give back, 10-fold! Show me kindness, I will give you infinite loyalty. Show me love, and you will be the most important person in the world to me! So, do you see me? Will you be my forever family?

Now, why is it so important to me that you see me for who I am? Well, I lived with people to whom I was “just a dog.” Not family, not important. And when I became an inconvenience, I got a one-way trip to a high-kill shelter. Lucky for me, there are people in this world like the Defenders of Dogs who scour the shelters looking for dogs such as me. Sweet, loyal, cuddly dogs who haven’t given up on people even if some people have given up on us. Next thing you know, I am in the best foster home, and I mean home, with lots of cuddles and snuggles and playful romps. With promises of Happily Ever After in my future! So, is it you I have been waiting for my whole life?

Now, I am a practically perfect boy who just loves to love. Sit by your side, your lap, your feet, you decide, as long as I’m close. I am a little unsure about the smaller four-legged dogs, they can be intimidating! I think they know I am a gentle soul who wouldn’t harm a fly. I am house-trained and well behaved but learning I have a playful side I had never seen! I like walks and car rides and am so easy going foster mom says I am a pleasure to take anywhere! So, if you are looking for a loving companion, a loyal friend who will never desert you, look no farther than me! Echo’s won’t last if you don’t act fast!

Echo is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. This house-trained guy is sweet and happy and would make a wonderful addition to your home. He gets along with people of all shapes and sizes, dogs, and it is anticipated would get along with cats although there are no cats in his foster home to test. He requires little beyond lots of cuddles, a soft place to sleep, and exercise and could live anywhere if there is abundant love. If you have room in your heart and home, you can’t go wrong with this sweetheart guy. If you would like to adopt Echo, please fill out an application at our website:. https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org