Danny – Black Male X, 1 year, 70 lbs.

Hello friends of rescue. Let me introduce myself, my name is Danny and I would love to be your new tail-wagging, snuggling, happy to see you best friend. I also have a secret, but more about that later! When you read about my start in life you may wonder why I’m so happy! I was in the scariest of places, a shelter! I was there for over a month and it was dark and noisy and I was afraid. The people who worked there saw what a good boy I was, so they called my rescuers, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and they came to get me. I thought I was going to another terrible place and I was so scared I would not even walk to the car. But guess what happened next? I went to a foster home! I had never been in a house before and I did not want to walk through that door. But on the other side of the door were good smells, treats, warm beds, dog friends and oh the toys! At first, I would just crawl inch by inch through the door. Now I’m part of a family and there is nothing better. I love people more than anything except maybe my dinner and I will be happy to snuggle up and keep you warm. I have learned to go into my crate and do all my business outside. I know how to sit and stay and now that I know that car rides lead to fun, I hop right in. Now about my secret…I look a little different than a typical lab. You might notice that by my brown stockings! But different is good, right? My foster mom tells me that I am very handsome and that I have beautiful eyes. She also said that most labs emit many “magical fibers of love and joy” on the furniture, on your clothes, on everything. But whatever type of dogs my parents were, I don’t shed like those Lab, yay! That makes my foster mom happy. If you are looking for some fun along with a lot of lab love and kisses, I am your boy!

Danny is a very loving, energetic but cuddly lovebug with all the best lab characteristics. He is a quick learner. He loves dogs large and small and is a great playmate. He is wonderful with children but due to his energetic nature very young children may not be advised. Since he spent a lot of time in the shelter, he doesn’t like to be far from his people. Like all young Labradors, Danny needs regular exercise and would greatly benefit from training classes to help him become the best family member he can be. If you are interested in adding Danny to your family, please apply at www.labrescuefresno.org.