Cisco Kid


Cisco Kid – The Country Western Collection

Black Male X – About 1 year old, 85 lbs.

Howdy! My name is Cisco Kid and my sidekick Pancho and I travelled the old west in the grand tradition of the Lone Ranger – righting wrongs and fighting for injustice wherever we find it!

Ok that was a bit lofty but what really happened is I ended up in the pokey because I was “running at large” and the dog catcher got me. Then those people who were supposed to be my family, never came to get me out. Then one day those defenders of dogs, the Labrador Retriever of Fresno showed up and picked me to go home with them! Yay for me!

Aren’t I a hunk of beautiful ebony? And don’t I have the most mesmerizing eyes? My foster parents have been helping me work on my skills because no one did before. I learn real quick!  I’m a lovable, huggable athlete!  I’ll be your shadow, I’ll be your friend, heck, I’ll do about anything for you to be my everything!  Won’t you pick me for your Family? 

Did I mention I’m an athlete? I love to go for walks and hikes. Car rides? Dynamite! Like to jog? you won’t find a better running buddy. I get SO excited when I see you I can hardly contain my happiness! I love to be by your side. I am house and kennel trained. Want to throw a ball? ok lets go – sometimes I’ll even bring it back!  I get along with other dogs but am a bit too rambunctious for the smaller ones. I just don’t know my size. I’d love a friend I can run around and play tackle with! We can head to the park and catch a game or two!  Anything you want to do, I want to do too!  

And skills – well I have had some basic coaching. I’m looking for a family to extend my skills!   And I’m real cheap – just a treat or two and I’m ready to be put in the game of life. Oh, and let me let you in on a little secret – I’m a professional kisser too!  Just get in range and I will demonstrate!  So, what will it be?  Don’t be afraid to take a chance on me!

Cisco Kid is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  He is a loving big guy who would love to be your shadow.  Like most young labbie dogs, he still retains many puppy traits and regular exercise and training are essential to a happy home life.  Due to his strength and energy, he is best in a home without small dogs, small children, or cats.  If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet guy, please fill out an application at our website:   

Thank You for considering adoption.  Together we are saving them, one dog at a time.