Carlton – Our Gentleman Collection

Frosted Black Male, Age 13, 57 lbs

Dear Fans of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, I am Sir Carlton, a Gentleman Dog and I am beseeching you to help me find my miracle.   With the aid of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno; I am taking my plea far and wide – I’m even going to be on KMPH TV!  I am hoping someone out there sees beyond the years and the snow on my nose and sees the special heart that beats strongly in my breast that my rescuers see so clearly.  Perhaps you might be the one that will show this old dog some love and allow me the dignity of having my twilight years spent as a valued family member in my own home?

How did a Gentleman Dog like me fall on such hard times?  A time when I should be enjoying my loving family?  Watching the young ones play with peace and the joy only experience can bring?  No one who meets me can understand it – I am just that sweet.  I was picked up by the animal shelter and hauled in to doggy jail.  Now, I am spry for my years and enjoy a nice evening walk with a two-legged companion as well as the next, but I am not a guy to go off on a walk-about like some young pup!  I am way too dignified!  Most likely, someone drove me to the edge of town and said goodbye, go off, and fend for yourself.   I guarantee my only crime could have been age – I might not hear as well as a young dog, and my ears had been left to get infected, but I am a perfect Gentleman Dog.  There is nothing I could have done to deserve being letdown.  The Defenders of Dogs will tell you I’m a gem!

I am house trained, of course, not even one accident in my foster house.  No need for a crate for a Gentleman Dog!  I enjoy watching the young dogs play, I enjoy feeling the evening breeze.  I like a nap in the sun and a snooze in the shade.  My hearing isn’t the best, so please talk to my face… or maybe I just like gazing into your eyes, wink-wink!  I do love a snack or a treat, but I’m a good dog who keeps his paws on the floor.  Oh, and I do adore a stroll – walking with my human is better than any gold.  And as the night closes in, please just let me near.  You are my world and so very, very dear.  Please, will you be my miracle? I promise you I will love you with my every breath, and when my time comes, I will proudly wait for you over the Rainbow Bridge!

Carlton is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  This house-trained, bomb-proof guy may not be a spring chicken, but he still has lots of love to give.  He gets along with people and dogs and enjoys naps, snuggles and walks.  He would very much like to live out his days being a beloved friend. If you would like to be Carlton’s miracle, please fill out an application at our website:

Oh, and remember: SENIORS RULE!