Brooke – Yellow Female, 3 years, 47 lbs.

From a life uncertain, this poor girl made it out of a very rural shelter still recovering from her last round of puppies into the safety and security of Lab Rescue and on to a much better life!  

Brooke is estimated to be age 3, but her little body has pumped out several litters of puppies so it’s somewhat hard to pinpoint what her age and body has been through!  

The best part is she still has a darling temperament, the kindness and sweetness of just a juvenile pup herself, she acts like a beautiful sweet soul. Docile and calm mostly, and just a hint of puppy energy still there. 

She’s quiet and well behaved when she needs to be, but would also love to be the center of your world and she deserves it!  She’s not fond of kennels and crates but we suspect she has been locked in them a lot with puppies and doesn’t have a fond memory of that. 

She has pretty good leash skills for her age and with just a little training and encouragement will be practically perfect. 

Brooke is great with other dogs and shows no bad behaviors except when it comes to kitties.  When it comes to the felines she is a ferocious girl.  She has a little too much prey drive and will bark, growl and lunge at cats in a very serious way.  We strongly urge only applicants with NO cats in their home or yards consider applying for her. 

Brooke is just as sweet and perfect as can be.  Her undercarriage may hang a little low, but this little lady will most likely regain her girlish figure with better nutrition, care and a cozy bed by your side.   It’s unlikely she’s ever known those simple comforts, she appears to have mostly lived a life outside locked up raising puppies devoid of love and inside comforts. 

That all changes now!  Only the best for this sweet girl from here on! 

If you’d like to make Brooke your pampered princess pup, apply at  

Please remember dogs are placed according to their needs and not on a first come basis.  All of our dogs are in private homes with volunteers who respond to each applicant as soon as they can.