Betsy & Harriet


Betsy and Harriet – Double the Love

Betsy Yellow Female, Age 11, 60lbs & Harriet Chocolate Female Age 8, 70lbs

Hello Fans of Labradors, my name is Harriet and this blonde bombshell next to me if my BFF Betsy.  We are like the Thelma and Louise of the dog world, only sweeter.  (And not prone to drive off anything, let alone cliffs.)  We are a two-for-one special, but really, together are less than half the work of a puppy yet deliver twice the love of a single!  Those are pretty good odds, no matter how you look at it! So, for all of you who need a little furry comfort without the chewed shoes, we are your dream come true!  Betsy says she is looking forward to meeting you; and frankly, I am too!

Now, while Betsy is the gentle one, I am a “tell it like it is” kind of a gal.  People always want to know why a couple of lovekins like us find ourselves needing rescue in our seasoned years.  Well, frankly, it wasn’t anything we did wrong.  We had a human that tried too hard but didn’t understand what they were getting into.  Pretty soon, they were in over their heads and well, it became a “hoarding” situation of more than 40 dogs!  I won’t expand on the condition, but, well, let me say it wasn’t good.   Lucky for us there is this invention called “Facebook” where dog-loving hero’s meet and reach out for help for dogs like Betsy and I.  We went from hoarding to a Great Pyrenees rescue (I couldn’t quite pass myself off as a big white fluff-ball but Betsy might have if she were more stubborn) to the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno – the Superstars of Labrador Rescue.  And here we are – just waiting for you, our final stop, a furever family!

They say we are “couch potatoes” but I’m not much for that description.  We are more like fine wine – aged and mellow, comfortable and comforting.  We require little beyond a cool, comfortable spot to nap and regular pets on the head (which we are not shy in asking for, true Labrador style.)  We bring plenty of love to share, plenty of doggy hugs.  We get along with everyone – even cats! We use the doggy door and ride well in the car.  I’m the walker – I love walks!  Betsy, well, she’s the meanderer – but hey, you miss too much if you don’t slow down to smell the roses.  Really, life is better together – just give us a try and we will make our duo so much more when we include you into our team!  So, won’t you make this old gal’s heart sing – and mine too (sorry Betsy, I couldn’t resist) and adopt us!  I know we aren’t spring chickens, but don’t we deserve love too?  We will love you forever, and when our time comes, we will wait for you at the end of the rainbow bridge -restored to youth and happy because of you! 

Harriet and Betsy are available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  This sweet, bonded pair are about as easy-going as any you will find and get along with people, cats, dogs, you name it!  Harriet requires medication for arthritis.  Beyond that, they want nothing more than to know love and comfort in their golden years and will return the love exponentially.  If you would be interested in adopting this sweet pair, please fill out an application at our website:

And from all of us at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, thank you for seeing these dogs the way they see us – beautiful, just as we are.