Bella & Jacob

Bella and Jacob – Sweet Senior Siblings
Yellow (polar bear white) sister and brother
10 years old, 76 lbs and 100 lbs

Hi, I’m Jacob: Our foster mama says I’m the more vocal one, so I’ll start. We lived with the same family for 10 years and then suddenly we found ourselves separated at a scary place with lots of other frightened and sad dogs. We were very scared and sad. We were afraid we’d never see each
other again and still don’t know why we weren’t loved anymore. Am I a bad boy? My heart still hurts real bad and I talk to my foster mama a lot about it. She hugs me and pets me and talks to me and that makes me happy.

This is Bella: I remember that I was in this cage and had no hope I’d ever be happy or see my brother again when two ladies stopped and talked to me. They took me and my brother outside and gave us new collars with these heart tags and told us we were now safe with Labrador Rescue. One of the
ladies is our foster mama. We were pretty filthy, and got baths on our way to our foster home to wash off all the dirt, and the stink of that scary place and of the despair of abandonment. Oh, and we got treats! And lots of hugs and kisses! I love to lean on my foster mama and have her pet me and hold me.

Bella and Jacob are both very loving and sweet. They are both housetrained. We don’t know about their circumstances, but it seems that they were treated rather differently, as Bella takes advantage of free roam in the house, but Jacob is taking time to adjust to being allowed beyond the living room. They both now sleep nicely on their beds in the bedroom with their foster family, and stay mostly in the living room or bedroom during the day when foster mom is at work. They would love to live with someone who will spend time helping them feel secure and loved again as part of a forever family. They crave attention and love being with each other and with their family.

They like walks but need leash work as they are enthusiastic and tend to pull. Both Bella and Jacob have been working on losing weight and gaining more muscle in their legs. They are friendly with dogs of all sizes they meet on walks and at PetSmart, and they get along with their 10 year old doggie foster sister. Jacob is more insecure and is taking a while to adjust to a dog visitor that stays sometimes in his foster home (he barks at her, but is getting better). We don’t know how they are with cats. They both are chewers and like Nylabones (extreme chewer). Jacob also likes to chew on stuffed toys, not for the squeak but for the chewing and de-stuffing. He will also chew on other things that look like toys: cell
phones, remotes, shoes, laundry…so foster mom just puts things away or up above his preydation zone.

Bella and Jacob are looking for a forever home together where they are cherished and allowed to truly be part of the family, not just observers through a door or window. They are awaiting applications at: