Bear – Yellow Male, 7 years old, 70 lbs.

Calling all cuddly bears! Hey, its me, Bear! I am a big ol’ furry cuddly bear and I am ready to cuddle up with you forever. Now how did a guy like me end up in rescue, you may ask? Well, like so many in our Valley, I was stuck in our local high-kill shelter, waiting for someone to notice me. Luckily for me, those Defenders of Dogs saw me and sprung me outta that sad place! They saw I needed help – my eyes were sad and droopy and hurt a lot. They got me this fancy entropion eye surgery…woweeee now my eyes feel much better and I can blink without pain! My eyes continue to get better all the time and the fur is still growing in almost good as new. I also was pretty itchy from untreated allergies and they got me medicine that fixed that too – I feel like a brand-new dog! Now that I am all fixed up, I am ready to find my forever family – one who needs a big cuddly fun bear/Labrador to spend all my quality time with…could it be you?

I have not had the best of times in my prior years…people have often let me down, and I have been in some tough spots. I like to be the man in charge… Hey, you gotta take charge in life when you gotta fend for yourself!  I get along with laid-back larger dogs, but I am not too crazy about those little dogs and cats. Now, I am experiencing true love and affection for the first time, and I would really prefer to keep it all to myself! I am a big bear and I need all that love just for me please! I figured out really quickly that the spot on the couch next to my foster mom is the best seat in the house. Pets and cuddles galore! I live up to my retriever name and love to play fetch. I could spend hours fetching a tennis ball with you. I am loving having toys, and I enjoy carrying a little stuffie toy with me all over the house. Even big bears need a snuggle toy! I am a gentleman and mind my manners well in the house. I am house-trained and crate-trained. I do enjoy checking out the action on top of those countertops though…wowzer! so many tasty treats up there! A bear has a big appetite after all! Most of all, I crave affection from my people and am the happiest when I am by your side. So let’s cuddle up and watch a movie, go for a walk around the neighborhood, I mean whatever we do, as long as we are together, I am one happy bear cub!

Bear is a lovable hunk who would love to be your one and only canine love. He has a big personality and will need a family who will work with him to temper his bossy nature. But hey, who among us doesn’t like to get their way? Bear is a very affectionate boy with a medium energy level. He does need regular walks, but he is well past that wild energetic puppy-stage and has great house manners. If you want to add a fun furry cuddle bear to your family, please apply today at!