Apollo – Chocolate male, 4 years, 74 lbs
Luna – Black female, 6 years, 75 lbs

Calling all NASA fans – if you would like to adopt a bonded pair that will love you to the moon and back, you are invited to apply to adopt sweet Apollo and Luna. They are out of this galaxy!

This bonded pair of Labradors were surrendered by a family overwhelmed with the arrival of their third baby, their father is active duty military and was devastated to have to surrender these two beautiful dogs that he raised from puppies. But thankfully he made the heart wrenching choice to give his beloved pets to a rescue like Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno who works extremely hard to find every dog a perfect happy ending.

These were beloved family house pets, good around children, crate trained and house trained.

Apollo, named for the spacecraft missions exemplifies the Greek mythology that comes with the name, a Greek mythological God known for healing, truth, sun, light, prophecy, art, music and more. This chocolate boy exemplifies all that is good, he is sweet and gentle and kind. He knows commands to kennel and behave, he provides a calming affect for Luna and gives her stability and confidence. He is a giant teddy bear in every respect. He has a loud protective bark but is gentle and sweet and needs a rub on the head mostly.

Luna, also a familiar celestial name from spacecraft missions, is a bright and energetic girl with an adventurous heart and spirit. She is the more sensitive soul and worries greatly about where her people are. She doesn’t like to be left alone, and misses her people when separated.

Both love water, playing with toys, ball fetching and belly rubs. Raised around young children, both are gentle and loving, but Apollo would prefer his quiet kennel and some space away from noisy little ones.

They’ve not been raised with cats and so far want to chase the foster home’s resident cats.

They are a very bonded, emotionally intelligent pair that need to reestablish trust and security with a loving home. Losing the only home they’ve ever known has been particularly difficult for this pair and they would do best being adopted together into a very nurturing environment that will give them time and patience to adjust to this new chapter in life.

To apply for this darling stellar pair of interplanetary pups, visit www.labrescuefresno.org.

You’ll be over the moon with love and kisses from these two … to have them join your family.