Joey – Black Male X, 1 year, 49 lbs.

Hi! My name is Joey! I have had kind of a rough start where I eventually was picked up as a stray and put in the big house!  I thought I would never get out of there, which made me really sad and scared.  Luckily for me, this most beautiful angel from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno came and got me out of that place!

I was so happy, but still unsure of what was going to happen to me next. My Lab Rescue Angel took me to a place called a home with people who she called my foster family. I quickly learned that my foster family loved dogs like me and just wanted to spoil and love on me! Because they made me feel safe and loved, I became less and less scared of everyday things that go on in a home. Now I am curious, playful, and loving. I learned how to be a good friend to my foster brother who has 4 legs like me. I also have 3 human foster siblings, who I love snuggling with. There is also this fat furry thing my foster family calls a cat. I don’t really like her very much because she hissed at me and made me chase her!

My foster mama says she is going to help me find a forever home that comes with a forever family! I cannot wait to snuggle, love, and play with them! Are you my forever family?

Joey is a 1 year old male Labrador mix who weighs in at a big whopping 48.7 pounds. He is potty trained and has learned to use a doggy door. He plays well with other dogs big and small, but should be in a home without cats. He loves his family including his human siblings, he loves to be loved, loves to cuddle on the couch or bed with you, and loves stuffed animals. He is currently crate training, and although he is getting better at being in there sometimes, it is definitely not his favorite. He enjoys being outside if that is where you are and is good with the leash.

He is very much a young dog who will need a family who can be patient with him as he is still learning doggy manners. He is very treat motivated, which helped him learn to sit and down very quickly!

Joey has so much love to give and is looking for a place to call forever home. If you would like to know more about Joey, please fill out an adoption application at