Adoption FAQs

How will I know if a Labrador Retriever will be a good fit for my family and lifestyle?


Labs are sweet, loving, loyal, and generally make wonderful family pets. They just want to be near you and most will follow you from room to room. Because they live to be with their people, Labs generally do not make good, totally outside dogs. Labs that are left to be outside only dogs, can become depressed, and destructive. So please consider your lifestyle, your schedule – both personal and work, if you are traveling frequently, work long hours, and would not have the time to give the love, attention and exercise that the Labs need.


Labs need regular daily exercise in order for them to be calm enough to be good in your house. Labs that do not get enough exercise can exhibit behavior problems such as excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, digging, and other destructive behavior. In addition, they need fenced areas for safe exercise. Even senior Labs need daily walks and play time in order to stay healthy.

You need to be aware that most Labs shed all year round. They have beautiful coats, which shed constantly and require frequent grooming and a little more than normal vacuuming helps. But the joy, love and companionship that a Lab can bring into your home and family outweighs the minor inconvenience of vacuuming.

How do I know if a puppy or older dog would be best for my household?
With Labs, you can expect puppy-like behavior any where from two to three years. So if you don’t have the time and a strong commitment to obedience training; if you don’t want your shoes, baseboards and anything else they can get a hold of chewed, or your house rearranged, you might want to choose an older dog instead of a puppy.
If you have very young children, a younger Lab might not be a good choice for you, since a younger Lab can easily knock your little ones over. We generally suggest that families with young children stick with dogs that are past the jumping stage.


Here are some suggestions and advantages of a senior Lab:

  • Seniors are generally calmer and need less exercise than a young dog
  • Many are well suited for condominiums and townhouses
  • They are generally more tolerant, better socialized and easier to manage
  • Seniors make excellent first dogs for young children
  • Senior Labs make excellent companion animals for anyone who wants a less active dog
  • Most senior Labs want nothing more than to be safe and loved
Why do I have to pay a fee to rescue a dog?
Labrador Retriever Rescue Of Fresno is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We rescue Labs of all ages and in any medical condition from all over the Central Valley. This results in significant veterinary bills each month. We are able to recoup some of those costs through adoption fees. We exist on donations, and we must collect fees in order to offset some of our expenses. The adoption fee that you pay, allows us to continue doing what we do.
What is the fee to adopt a rescued dog?
Our adoption prices are as follows:


  • Adult Dog, (10 months through 7 years) – $250.00
  • Puppies, (9 months of age and under) – $350.00
  • Senior Dogs (8 years and up) – $100.00
  • Special Needs Dogs – $100.00
What if I adopt a dog, and then decide it’s not a good match for my family?
The Labrador Retriever Rescue has a lifetime commitment to each dog that comes into our program. If you adopt a dog, then decide it is not the right one for your household; it MUST come back to LRRF within 2 weeks in order to adopt another dog within the program or receive a refund (please see Refunds below). If, at any time during the dog’s life, you find that you must surrender the dog, he/she MUST be returned to the LRRF.
How does the Labrador Retriever acquire their Labs?
The majority of our Labs come from shelters. We also receive some directly from their owners who, for a variety of reasons, cannot keep them. We also occasionally take in a Lab that has been running stray, and whose owners cannot be found. The majority of our Labs, have been the victims of neglect, usually in the form of improper diet, health related issues such as ear infections, inadequate food supply, and lack of grooming and flea control.
Does Labrador Retriever Rescue ever get puppies?
Occasionally, however, the majority of Labs that we take in are at least a year old. The ages range from one year to thirteen!
What medical care does a Lab receive before becoming available for adoption?
Each dog that comes into our program is given a basic vet exam. It is brought current on age appropriate vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo). If they are intact, they are spayed or neutered. They are also tested for heartworm. If they are given a clean bill of health, they are made available for adoption. We treat any medical issues which are identified.
What is the process for adopting from LRRF?
The first step is to fill out our online Adoption Application. Once your application is received, you will receive an acknowledgement via email within one to three days. If there is a certain dog you’re interested in, you will have the ability to enter that information on the Adoption Application. Upon acknowledgement, we will forward your application to the foster family who has the dog(s) you are interested in for follow up.


A home visit is required prior to placement. We look for safety issues at the home visit like perimeter fencing issues, loose boards and gates that latch properly. The home visit may take place prior to or during the adoption process, depending upon time constraints.

Once you’ve been contacted that your application has been received, keep checking our website and/or Facebook page for available new Labs. If you are interested in a certain dog, you may email us and your application will be forwarded to the foster family for contact and follow-up. Our website is updated as often as possible. We have an adoption event every Saturday, unless otherwise noted on our website.

Please Note: Our fosters and volunteers have full time jobs and families as well as volunteer. They will not be searching for a Lab for you. You must remain involved by watching the website, contacting us when interested in a particular dog and coming to our adoption events to meet the dog you’re interested in.

All of our Labs come with inoculations current, heartworm negative and spayed or neutered. We also microchip all of our Labs. No Lab will be given to its new family until it has been spayed or neutered. THIS IS CALIFORNIA LAW.

REFUNDS: If you adopt a Lab from LRRF and it’s not working within your household, the dog must come back to us within 2 weeks and you can try with another dog. If you do not wish to try another dog, you will receive a refund if returned within the 2 week period. If you return the dog after 2 weeks and do not want to try another dog, we will not refund…you have made a donation to Rescue.

I HAVE ADOPTED FROM YOU BEFORE: Yes, you need to fill out a new adoption application. We close the file when you adopt.


  1. Dogs currently listed on the website may have been adopted by the time your application is received. Some dogs are adopted quickly, and our already approved adopters have priority. We believe the right dog is worth waiting for and our supply is endless.
  2. If you are waiting for a particular Lab to come up for adoption prior to submitting your adoption application, you may well be disappointed. Although we do not adopt out our dogs on a first come first served basis, those applicants that are already approved will receive priority and we will select the family best suited for that particular dog. Remember, our supply is endless and the right Lab will come along.
What are the criteria for being approved to adopt from LRRF?
We are looking for safe, happy, loving, committed homes. We are looking for individuals and families who wish to make the dog a member of the family. We are looking for homes with lots of love to give and time to spend with the dog. We prefer that you have a fenced yard (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for applicants who wish to adopt a senior dog). We are looking for individuals and families who are committed to providing excellent care to the dog, including monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative treatment.
How do I meet available dogs?
We hold regular adoption events every week as noted and updated on our website. Currently we are at the PetSmart store located at 615 W. Herndon Avenue, Clovis, CA, every Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. In addition, watch our website or Facebook page for upcoming special event locations. Since we are 100% foster based, all dogs are located with different foster families in the area. Outside of Petsmart meet and greet appointments will be made at the discretion of the foster parent.
What areas do you adopt out to?
We have adopted out dogs all over California and beyond. Although more difficult, we try to make it work for the right family on behalf of the dog. In lieu of a home visit, we will ask potential adopters for pictures, videos or sometimes facetime if available. We do not ship dogs. Note: the dog, along with the foster will need to be met wherever the dog is being fostered locally. If the adoption does not work out, the adopter must bring the dog back to Lab Rescue.