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Michael Caine – Part of Our Movie Star Collection Black Male, 5-1/2 years, 78 lbs Being alone isn’t fun – especially for a dog. Our main purpose is to be part of a family – a pack not to be broken. For those of us dogs who have found ourselves abandoned, life isn’t so grand. […]



Trooper – Black Male, 7 ½ years, 98 pounds Hi there! If you love taking leisurely walks and vegging out in front of the TV, then look no further, I’m your guy! And while I do enjoy a game of fetch every now and then, who’s got that kind of energy!? Leave that for them […]


Puppies – “Peace, Love and Rock and Roll Band”

14 Black and Chocolate Labrador Puppies, Age 8 Weeks (DOB 2/22/17) 3 chocolate Females 1 chocolate Male 6 black Females 4 black Males Extra – Extra – Read All About It! A once in a lifetime opportunity! The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno proudly presents the Puppies – “Peace, Love and Rock and Roll Band!” […]



Mickey – From Our Disney Collection Black Male X, apprx 1 year, 50 lbs. M – I – C – K – E – Y – M- O – U – S -E! Hey, drop the “mouse” and that’s me! Do you know what my ol’ pal Walt Disney used to say? He would say […]



Electra – The Sweetness Collection Black Female, 1 Year, 55 lbs My names is Electra – thank you for stopping and reading my story. Do you know how many people just walk right on by black dogs – almost like we don’t exist? Add the fact that not only am I black, I am shy. […]



Lyric – Chocolate Female, 1 year and 59 lbs. My name is Lyric – will you be my friend? I kind of like Winnie the Pooh – but in shape! I’m everyone’s friend, I’m happy, and I just want to meet everyone! Can we play tag? Can we play chase? Can I give you a […]



Minnie – From Our Disney Collection Black Female, 1 year, 38 lbs. Smile, breath, and believe in magic – I do! I’m just a Minnie looking for my Mickey, my sorcerer ready to change dark skies to blue. Because Mr. Disney said “all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to […]



Tara – Yellow Female, 13 years, 65 lbs. Sweet “Tira Misu”, was Tara’s given name, and this sweet adorable angel wants nothing more than a soft bed, a loving home, and a special lap to place her head. Tara was raised by a family and loved all her life, unfortunately her elderly owner suffered a […]



Skittles – The Sweetness Collection Black Female, 8 Months, 44 lbs Psst ….hey, hi there! My name is Skittles and I would love to be your friend! Why Skittles? Well, skittles are fun! Skittles make you happy! Skittles are sweet! Skittles even bring a rainbow where ever they go! And that is me – Skittles […]


Magic Mike

Magic Mike – Black Male X, 2 years, 60 lbs. Hey everyone! My name is Mike and I am searching for my forever family! My foster dad calls me Magic Mike and like my namesake, I am a handsome hunk with a heart of gold. I have had some rough times in my short life, […]



Tony – Yellow male, 1 year old Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Tony and I am excited to get to know you better! I am a very special boy – sweet and snuggly and smart as can be! I love young children and am a friend to everyone I meet. I am […]