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Bruno #2 – Yellow (Fox Red) Male X, 2 years old, 72 lbs. Hi guys, my name is Bruno and I would LOVE to be your new best friend. Ive been in my foster home for about a week now and let me tell you, I have impressed them with not just my good looks, […]



Styx – The Rockstar Collection Black Male, 10-11 months old, 51 lbs Welcome to the Grand illusion – come on in and see what’s happening. Pay the price, adopt your dog, get your ticket to a new life. The stage is set, this puppy’s playing. Suddenly your heart is pounding wishing secretly you were a […]



Cody– From the Heartbreak Collection Seeking Adoption Yellow Male, 65lbs, Age 9ish Remember me? I’m back and better than ever thanks to all of you out there in the Land of The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno! The world is so full of new and wondrous things – I feel as if I have just […]



Luke – Yellow Male, 1 year old, 54 lbs. “Patience is a virtue.” Hello new friends! My name is Luke and I am so very pleased to meet you. I am a gentle and kind soul, wise beyond my years, seeking my forever family. Though I am quite a young boy, I have come to […]



Peaches – Yellow (Fox Red) Female, Age 3, 69 lbs. Ta-Da! Recognize me? Don’t feel bad if you don’t – I hardly recognize myself when I look in the mirror! I am a genuine peach; proof positive miracles exist here on Earth. My life is a testimony of what people can do when they work […]



Shasta ~ Black Male, 2 years, 80 lbs. Are you in to outdoor activates, followed by a snuggle by a warm fire? Do you think it’s cool to get down on all fours and play with your pal? Do you have more than one four-legged friend? Value heart and loyalty? If you answered yes to […]



Hallie– Our New Huggable Collection Black Female, 90lbs, Age 8 Hi, I’m Hallie. When I was little, I was told I could be anything I wanted to be… so I chose to be a great big, snuggly, huggly, Teddy Bear! That’s right – for a very limited time only, you have a chance to have […]



Scarlett – Chocolate Female, 5 years, 95 lbs Hello there new friends! My name is Scarlett and I am a 95 pound professional cuddler seeking out my forever family. Do you have a lap that needs to be warmed? Perhaps you are in need of a furry companion to pet and snuggle? Do you provide […]



Simon – Black Male, 11 years, 90 lbs Hi nice people! My name is Simon and I am a playful and lovable senior Labbie looking for a family to call my own! Simon says “I need a forever family to love!” I am not sure how a sweet old guy like me ended up in […]



Tony – Yellow male, 1 year old Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Tony and I am excited to get to know you better! I am a very special boy – sweet and snuggly and smart as can be! I love young children and am a friend to everyone I meet. I am […]