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Sage- Our Christmas Collection Yellow Female, 1 year, 40 lbs Do you know the song “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas?” Well, how would you like to have a white Christmas? It will make the day brighter, life happier, and makes troubles fade away. Live in Fresno and have no chance of a white Christmas […]



Joanie – The Classic Collection Black Female, Age 7, 45 lbs. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days! Thursday, Friday, Happy Days! Saturday, what a day, grooving all week with you! Oh, hello there! My name is Joanie and my days are HAPPY! Why? Well, silly, because I am rescued! The best part about […]



Owen 7.5 Year Young Black Male – 70lb Hello, my name is Owen and I bet I won’t even get one like. The Defenders of Dogs don’t think so, though – they promised to find me a forever home. They think if you look into my eyes you will never be able to resist me! […]


Scarlett #2

Scarlett #2 – The Classic Collection Yellow Female, 8 Years, 70 lbs Scarlett here, a one of a kind classic looking for her Tara – as in Scarlett’s home in Gone with the Wind. In case you aren’t a classic movie fan, Tara is Scarlett O’Hara’s ancestral home. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the […]



Buckaroo – The Bonanza Collection Black Male, 1 Year 70 lbs Mama always said “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Boy, does that ever translate to me, Buckaroo! Even my photographer through up her hands and said she couldn’t capture the uniqueness of me on film! You see, when I was made, they took […]



Hope– The Cuddly Collection Yellow Female, 1 Year, 50 lbs Do you have any idea about the power of hope? It makes the day brighter, life happier, and makes troubles fade away. I should know! When hope entered my life in the form of Rescuers, my whole life changed! And when I was named “Hope”, […]

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Larry – Black Male, 7 years. Hey. I’m Larry. How you doin’? Are you looking for a handsome addition to your family? A refined, middle-aged gentleman with exquisite tastes? Someone who will welcome you home to a home-cooked meal every night and who will dream of you when you’re gone? I’m ready for commitment, and […]


Charlee and Charlette

Charlee and Charlette – Double Chocolate Sweetness Male Age 5, Female Age 4 Calling all chocolate lovers, a once in a lifetime chance to adopt a double chocolate sweetness, calorie free! You can have dessert every day with us and never gain a pound! I’m Charlee, a very handsome milk chocolate complete with fancy wrapping […]



Danny – Black Male X, 1 year, 70 lbs. Hello friends of rescue. Let me introduce myself, my name is Danny and I would love to be your new tail-wagging, snuggling, happy to see you best friend. I also have a secret, but more about that later! When you read about my start in life […]



Simon – Black Male, 11 years, 90 lbs Hi nice people! My name is Simon and I am a playful and lovable senior Labbie looking for a family to call my own! Simon says “I need a forever family to love!” I am not sure how a sweet old guy like me ended up in […]



Tony – Yellow male, 1 year old Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Tony and I am excited to get to know you better! I am a very special boy – sweet and snuggly and smart as can be! I love young children and am a friend to everyone I meet. I am […]