Willow – The Birthday Girl

Yellow Female, Less than 1 Year

My name is Willow and it’s my birthday June 3rd and I am turning one year old! Put a candle on my birthday cake and let me make a wish. Can you guess what it would be? Well, my one and only wish would be for a family who loves me. Are you the one to make my birthday wish come true?

Up till recently, I wasn’t sure what a happy birthday would be. My family had to move and couldn’t take me with them. It is pretty scary to have your family leave you behind! But lucky for me, they left me in the loving arms of people who understand us Labbies! These Defenders of Dogs are true hero’s to Labradors everywhere. They gave me a nice foster home to learn to be a dog – I especially like fetch! Did you say “ball”!!! I was also introduced to a thing called a “pool,” and boy, do I love a good swim! They also gave me a class “Intro to Leash” and I find I love long walks! Oh, don’t forget they taught me that a crate is a nice, safe place but I am proud to say I already knew not to potty in the house!

In my dreams my family is active and likes to take me on long walks, for swims, and of course, plays fetch with me! Now, as I haven’t had a very stable life until now, I sometimes get scared, so my dream family would have patience with me and love me and help me feel secure. I am very smart and would love to get some training so I could be your best four legged girl ever! Another thing, I do like to keep my home free from squirrels and other vermin although I am not really sure what that means, so anything with four legs that is smaller than me needs to go! Oh, and I left the most important part for last – I have one huge, giant heart that I want to give to my very own special family. Could that be you?

Willow is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She does have some fear and abandonment issues that makes her fearful at first, but warms up once she feels safe. With an experienced guardian who has patience, love and regular exercise she will blossomed in her new forever home. She is best in a home without small animals and would do fine with another dog her size, or an only dog. Remember, Labradors remain puppy like for several years and adopting a puppy includes a commitment to training and exercise to ensure everyones happily ever after. If you have the heart and home to give to this beautiful girl, please fill out an application at: https://www.facebook.com/LabRescueFresno.Org