Trooper – Black Male, 7 ½ years, 98 pounds

Hi there! If you love taking leisurely walks and vegging out in front of the TV, then look no further, I’m your guy! And while I do enjoy a game of fetch every now and then, who’s got that kind of energy!? Leave that for them young bucks, I’d much rather spend my time investigating my yard or people watching out the windows. My favorite part of the day is breakfast and I get so excited that I have to bounce and spin around. I am awesome at sitting and paw shaking but I’m still working on the whole ‘stay’ thing. I love to be with my people, so someone that is home with me more often than not would be a plus!

I am really good in the bath, so I think I might like playing in the water but I couldn’t say for sure till you take me to the beach 😉 Did someone say road trip?!! Did I mention I’m great on car rides? I’m also very well behaved in the house. I am very quiet, never have accidents and I don’t chew on anything I shouldn’t. (Sometimes when no one’s looking though I sneak on the couch hehe.) My foster mom says she wished she would have met me when the weather was cold because I’m so great at snuggling. So if you’re looking for a companion then we’d probably be a great match but not if you’re looking for a guard dog- that is unless you think breathing heavily on someone while trying to show off my slick shake trick makes for a good guard dog. I get along with all dogs, young and old and I am cat friendly!! Although I think I have the perfect personality, I am highly allergic to fleas and must have a human companion that will provide me with preventive medicine, or I will scratch myself until my fur falls out which makes me very unattractive! Other than that, I am pretty low maintenance and just need a loving family.

Trooper was recently returned to LRRF after a 1 1/2 year adoption due to his family moving out of state and unable to accommodate him. His flea allergy has been treated and his fur is finally growing back. Trooper is a quiet guy who has some obedience training and would love to finally have a family of his own. He would be great as a family dog, as he loves kids. He loves his companions so would like someone that is home more often than not. He is looking for a chance to show someone what a great boy he can be. Please consider bringing this awesome dog home.