Torin, Tressa and Trinity

Meet the 3 T’s puppies!! 1 male, 2 females – 11 weeks old
Torin, Tressa and Trinity

These beautiful pups were found above Coarsegold with their mother in a culvert.

Torin, Tressa and Trinity have flourished since with their puppy mama foster. Here is what she says about them…

Trinity is a typical puppy with extra doses of love and kisses, she’s kind of a climber and adventurer. Tressa is coming around well, still very shy and is very attached to Buckingham she eats out of the same bowl and sleeps with him. Torin is extremely shy, coming around slowly and will require the right adopter to bring him out further and give him time to trust. This is a pretty chill little group. They run and rough house but are much more gentle than most pups. They each have such different personalities its hard to believe they’re siblings.

The pups are available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Remember, puppies are a commitment of 15 or so years and require an upfront investment in training, patience, and regular exercise. Puppies are exuberant, completely lovable who get along with people, other dogs, and the resident cat.

***Please understand that puppies do not come along often, and it is anticipated that they will get a lot of great applications. LRRF is an organization consisting of non-paid volunteers who also have jobs. As we have no facility, all dogs reside in their foster’s home. We ask that you please have patience with our process as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno makes every attempt to match the dogs with the perfect home. Applications for the puppies are