Tikka – Black Female X, 6 months old, 45 lbs.

Hey there! Are you looking for your very own puppy dog pal? You are? Yay!!! My name is Tikka and I am looking for my very own human pal to love forever! I am a sweet young pup who has had some amazing luck – I used to live a very sad life as a stray and then I ended up in a shelter. Someone was looking out for me though, and those Defenders of Dogs swooped in and took me to this incredible place called a foster home. Now I don’t have to scrounge for food in trash cans and sleep outside. I eat delicious meals out of a bowl and I sleep on this super soft and comfortable thing called a bed – I even have these fun things called toys to play with now! Wow it is so amazing! While life in my foster home is really great, it is time for me to find my forever family so my foster family can save another pup in need. Wanna get to know each other and see if we can be best pals forever?

I am a loyal sweet girl who always aims to please. I listen well when you tell me “no” and learn new skills very quickly. My foster mom is helping learn so many new things – my name, how to “come” when you call me, crate-training, swimming, fetch, and house-training. She says I am making such great progress and she is proud of me. It makes me wag my tail so fast when she tells me these things – all I really want is to please my people! I love to play with other dogs and adore my Labrador foster brother and follow him everywhere. I think I would love to have a doggie sibling to pal around with. I even get along well with those funny little creatures that meow – cats are good friends too! I am just searching for that special someone to share my days with – after all, life is more exciting with your best friend by your side!

Tikka is an adorable pup with soulful eyes that belie her young age. She is a gentle and loving young girl who could not be sweeter. She is happiest with her people and cannot wait to have a family of her own to dote on. Tikka is only 6 months old and still has the signature Labrador puppy energy. Like all Labrador puppies, Tikka will need a family who is willing to put the time and effort in to take her to training classes to ensure a lifetime of good behavior. If you think life will be more exciting with Tikka as your very own puppy dog pal, fill out an application at www.labrescuefresno.org today!