Skittles – The Sweetness Collection

Black Female, 8 Months, 44 lbs

Psst ….hey, hi there! My name is Skittles and I would love to be your friend! Why Skittles? Well, skittles are fun! Skittles make you happy! Skittles are sweet! Skittles even bring a rainbow where ever they go! And that is me – Skittles – a sweet puppy to brighten the darkest day! From shy kisses, to puppy shenanigans, Skittles in the house makes everything better! Adopt me and you will see! And I don’t even have any calories!

So, beautiful girl like me with my perfect black shiny coat – I bet you are wondering what is the catch? None! Me and a couple of brothers and sisters were saved off the streets of Madera by a good Samaritan who kept the bad cars from hurting us! Who knows why, but no one came for us, so our new friend reached out to the legend of all labs, the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, and introduced me to them. Well, not even they could resist one as cute and sweet as me and I got to go to a wonderful foster home and learn how to live inside a real, live house! With fun people and puppies to play with and a nice, safe crate to sleep in when they are away! They are keeping me until my Skittles loving family comes to adopt me and I get to live happily ever after!

So, I should tell you I can be a bit shy for about 10 seconds, then I am ready to give you kisses and the puppy version of a hug. I love playing with my four legged sisters – we have so much fun they keep me from missing my siblings. Things that squeak are super neat and make me turn my head to listen in just such a way that everyone around me goes awwww…. I like that! I love attention and pets and to be wanted and needed. Doesn’t everyone? So, do you feel the need for Skittles? What are you waiting for! And I won’t even blow your diet!

Skittles is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Before adopting a puppy, please consider Labradors mature at around three years of age, and before that time can have significant degrees of puppy energy. Appropriate time, training and exercise are essential – not only will it save you tons on household damage, but will ensure you have a valued family member for life. However, labs steady temperament, desire to please, and ability to learn, make them idea family pets, therapy dogs, and much more. Skittles is a sweet, shy girl of average energy level who loves playing with her four legged friends. If you would like to adopt this precious little gem, please fill out an application at: