Scarlett – Chocolate Female, 5 years, 95 lbs

Hello there new friends! My name is Scarlett and I am a 95 pound professional cuddler seeking out my forever family. Do you have a lap that needs to be warmed? Perhaps you are in need of a furry companion to pet and snuggle? Do you provide treats to hungry Labradors? If you answered yes to these questions, you just may be the perfect family for me! I am a big beautiful cuddle-bug who absolutely adores people. I have to make up for some lost time you see, as I have not known a lot of love in my prior life. I have spent way too much time outside, lonely and ignored. But life took a turn for the better, and after I was surrendered at the animal shelter, I was rescued by those angels at Lab Rescue of Fresno. Wow – I never knew life could be this good! I am soaking up the cuddles and love at my foster home – I just cannot get enough!

So I may be a larger girl, but in my head, I am a petite lap dog. If you sit down, I will try to sit and snuggle on your lap. I am a classic goofy fun-loving Labrador who loves a good belly rub. I love to splash and play in water and I am pretty good at that fetch game too! I love to be by my peoples’ side and I have quickly mastered my house-manners. I am house-trained and crate-trained and prefer to spend my time with my family indoors – I have had enough lonely years outside. I do like to go outside and play with you though! I am always ready for an adventure and enjoy car rides and walks. I am learning my commands too – my foster mom taught me to sit and we are working on stay. Perhaps we can go to doggie school and learn more commands together?

Scarlett is a plus-sized lap dog with a heart of gold. She is extremely social and good-natured and loves people, young and old. Scarlett is a loyal and loving girl who will always bring a smile to your face and warm your heart with her silly antics and affectionate spirit. Scarlett is missing a few teeth from neglect in her prior life, but it does not affect her at all. She can still eat like a champion! Scarlett is at that perfect age where she is past the destructive puppy stage, but still full of energy and vitality. Testing found that preferably no small dogs, but dog friendly with proper introductions and has a strong personality. Because of her size, we think older children would be a better fit. If your heart and lap need warming, Scarlett is the girl for you! Apply today at to find out how Scarlett can join your family and fill your life with joy and never-ending snuggles!