Sam Elliott

Sam Elliot – Introducing our “Laprador” Collection
Yellow Male X, 9 months Male,-35 lbs.

Psst… Hi there! My name is Sam Elliot and I am looking for my forever home. Now, I may be pint sized (all the better to sit in your lap) and a bit shy, but if you give me the time to warm up, I’m pretty darn hard to resist! One look into my golden-brown eyes and you will be hooked! And with my smaller size, look at all the adventures you can take me on – from RV’s to apartments, as long as you take your lap, I’m happy to go along!

Now, I had a home once, but times are tough and my owners, like so many others, fell on hard times and with their change in circumstance, found themselves unable to take care of me. So, doing their homework, they found out that there are Rescue People who help pets like me find new homes. Lucky for me, they found the best of the best – the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno which is run by the Defenders of Dogs! Next thing you know, I’m in a new foster home! And I get to go inside – how awesome is that! I was a bit frightened at first by all of the new things in my life, but I was still nice to everyone I met, including grumpy old lady dogs. Now I just jump in front to get my pets first!

Basically, I’m still a puppy who is learning the ropes. My foster mom is impressed at my smartness – she has taught me sit and down and soon I’ll master “roll over!” And of course, I am crate and potty trained. (Although the mattress exploded while I was in the crate, not sure how…) When it’s food time, I like to do my hooman impression and walk on my two back paws. I also like to check what’s on the table when I’m doing my hooman impression, but my foster family is teaching me this isn’t done. Sigh… can’t have everything! After dinner, I love playing with my four-legged foster family, even if they don’t want to play back! I have also learned how to walk on a leash and would love to go for walks! With my size, I am very easy to manage. Just think of me as your own, personal “Laprador” ready and eager to begin a life with you! So, won’t you adopt me? I promise good things come in small packages!

Sam Elliot is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Remember, puppy’s like Sam can be a commitment of 15 or so years, and require an upfront investment in training, patience, and regular exercise. Sam starts out shy but gets along with people and other dogs, and he may be ok with dog savvy cats. Once he warms up, he is a little snuggler who want to be your shadow. Sam is ready to begin his life as your faithful friend and companion. If you would like to give Sam the home, love and lap he is so looking for, please fill out an application at: