Rebound– Our Lovable Collection
Yellow Male, 3-4 years, 93 lbs.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m Rebound – as in I may have missed the basket the first time but I’m ready for a swish the second time around! In the court of life, a loving home to call my own. I have plenty of game when it comes to lovable so, adopt me please, I’m ready for some hugs and squeezes!

I am sure you are wondering how such a gorgeous, stay-puffed marshmallow guy like me ended up in a shelter. Well, I had an owner who fed me table scraps out on the porch with little other interaction until one day I got bored and took a walk. Next thing I knew, I was in the poky, no chance anyone was coming to make bail for me! Lucky for me, this “poky” works with rescues. They called them in and soon the Defenders of Dogs arrived. They see in me a boy who desperately needs to give love and be loved. They see in me the boy who wants nothing more than to put his head in your lap and to learn to be a dog. Most of all, they believe in me, Rebound, and know every dog deserves a loyal home. So here I am, rebounded by the love of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, looking for my forever family to make that final swish. Adopt me and we will love every day! Can you pet me please?

Now me, I guess I said I was fed human food. Too much food. I’m kind of like the person who eats nothing but fast food and wonders why they gain weight. But my foster mom has taught me to eat dog food and I find I am feeling more healthy and happy, but I still need reminding to stay on my diet. I also like walks on the leash! Right now, I’m kind of out of shape, so I prefer shade lounging to swimming, but hey, I’m a work in progress! I know the crate, I am house trained, know the command sit, like dogs of all shapes and sizes and haven’t met a people – small to large – I didn’t want to put my head in their lap! What more could you want? Lets get together and make a Happy Life together – Swish – we score the winning basket!

Rebound is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. This house-trained guy is a love bug who gets along with people, young and old, and dogs of all sizes. He is best in a home without cats. He is a quick to learned and will require additional training to be a perfect gentleman dog. If you have room in your heart and home, you can’t go wrong with this guy. If you would like to adopt Rebound, please fill out an application at our website: