Quill – Yellow (Fox Red) Male, 6 months, 35 lbs.

Hi there Labbie Lovers! My name is Quill and I am one super dude full of love, fun, mischief, and lots of puppy breath! I’ll tell you what, I am one lucky boy. One day I was alone in the world, wrong side of the tracks, scrounging for every meal, no one to pet me and tell me I am a good boy, no one to love…then all of the sudden I ran into just the right person, and I became a LRRF dog! Now I have an awesome foster family that takes great care of me and loves me! They play with me too! As much as I love my foster family, it is time for me to find a forever family of my very own to love and entertain. Could it be you?

I am a fun-loving, happy-spirited, goofy fella who absolutely loves to be silly and play with people and other dogs. I am a friend to all – even the felines! I love, love, love to play fetch and chew! Throw a toy for me and I wag my tail so hard it almost falls off! I am also a talker – I love to have deep conversations or just tell some funny jokes – my foster mom says I have a future in comedy lol! Like all Labrador pups, I am high energy, but I still love to take a break from playing and get a good belly rub. I love my people so much – cuddling with them is the best! I am also pretty darn smart for my age – I am crate-trained and I know how to walk politely on a leash. I am working hard on my potty training too. I would love to go to puppy school with my new family and learn all the Labrador life skills I will need to be a well-mannered family member forever.

Quill is a gorgeous pup who is full of personality and love. You would never know this boy started his life on the streets – he is an outgoing social butterfly who adores people of all ages, dogs of all sizes, and even cats! Like all Labrador puppies, Quill needs a family that understands he will be a high energy puppy for at least a couple more years and will devote the time to play with him and walk him regularly. All Labrador puppies greatly benefit from taking training classes with their families to ensure a lifetime of good behavior. Quill is an adventurous pup and would be the perfect buddy for an active family. Get to know Quill today by applying at www.labrescuefresno.org. Quill can’t wait to hear from you!