Picasso – The Artist Collection
Chocolate Male, 70lbs, Age 4

Hello my Labby Loving Friends! I am the Great Picasso, a recently discovered gem, looking for a discerning friend who appreciates the amazingness that is me! I’m a lover and a hugger, a furry wonder, missing only to be discovered by my forever family. Do you want to enjoy the modern artist that is me?

Now, as an undiscovered, unappreciated modern wonder, life did not treat me kind, the scar on my nose and some sun-bleached fur speak loudly to hours and hours alone. From there it just got worse, I ended up in a shelter. Lucky for me, there are people out there with very fine taste, and on Valentine’s day I was brought into rescue. These connoisseurs of all things furry, known throughout the land as The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, saw in me the raw talent of something truly special, so they signed me up and now are my agents.

So, in the warm embrace of a foster home, I am at last beginning to achieve my potential. I have mastered the skill of where to potty, am learning that sit, stay and come pleases humans. I have learned the crate and appreciate that it is my safe place. Walking on a leash with my special person is a dream come true and I would love to practice this with you. I love my fur brushed, I have learned to love treats. It breaks foster moms heart that I am learning about love and play so late in life, but if you let me, I will climb into your lap for a cuddle. Toys and fetch are new to me and I am discovering what is fun. Some toys I love too much, so my forever family should ask foster mom which ones are right. I really would love for someone to lovingly take charge, so I am free to be me. So, are you ready to be the first to have a genuine Picasso – me?

Picasso is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. This house-trained, energetic guy will require training and regular exercise to reach his full potential. He is crate trained and plays well with other dogs his size but would love to be your only four-legged friend. No cats in his foster home, but he is very friendly and loving to people. If you have room in your heart and home, you can’t go wrong with this Modern Artist. If you would like to adopt Picasso, please fill out an application at our website: https://www.LabRescueFresno.Org