Peaches – Yellow (Fox Red) Female, Age 3, 69 lbs.

Ta-Da! Recognize me? Don’t feel bad if you don’t – I hardly recognize myself when I look in the mirror! I am a genuine peach; proof positive miracles exist here on Earth. My life is a testimony of what people can do when they work together – I was brought back from sure-death to a life that is sunny and bright! My name is Peaches and I am here today because so many of you cared, so many gave. And now it is my time in the sun, the sweetest dog around, looking for my forever home.

I’ll tell you my story, but please grab the tissues – my pictures from before show some of the horror. Do you know what it’s like to be raised in a crate? To live in your own filth without relief? Never learning to play or just be a dog. Forced to have babies, one after the next, who were snatched away way to quick. Lack of sunshine, lack of proper nutrition, but most important, lack of affection. These conditions lead to a skin affliction, oozing sores that looked like black tar stuck to my skin. And if that weren’t enough, an eye condition which lead to infection. Itching, stinking, emaciated, eyes so infected, I could barely lift my head, let alone look into the eyes of a stranger. Who could love such a pathetic creature? All I wanted to do was die. I was ready to give up, I had no more will left to live.

But thanks to you and all the supporters of the Defenders of Dogs, my story did not end sad and is still going on. Brought into rescue where love flows freely, many people banded together to change my story. First, many a medicated bath, who knew I had such beautiful golden fur? Good and plentiful food, and of course lots of love, have helped restored my body, helped heal my soul. And when I was well enough I had surgery – for a condition of the eye called Entropian. As my eyes healed, I saw for what seems the very first time, kind eyes looking back at me. And the happiness people feel when I learn new dog things makes me smile. Who knew there were things filled with peanut butter just for my pleasure? That snuggling with people was oh so wonderful! A soft bed ensures sleep that is pure and deep. That walking on a leash opens new worlds and pleasures and adventures to be experienced. But most important of all, my eyes see a wonderful life just in front of me. Beautiful fur with skin that is healed, eyes that see the great big world, all I need now is for my forever family to adopt me and my miracle will be complete.

Thanks to the hard work of our fosters and supporters, Peaches is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Despite her rough start of life, she is very sweet girl who is learning the joy in just being a dog. While she takes a bit slow to trust, she is very loving to people, large and small, once she warms up. She gets along well with other dogs and has shown no aggression to cats on her walks. She is house trained and a very easy girl who would fit well into most households. If you would like to be part of her Happily Ever After story, please fill out an application at and ask for Peaches.