7.5 Year Young Black Male – 70lb

Hello, my name is Owen and I bet I won’t even get one like. The Defenders of Dogs don’t think so, though – they promised to find me a forever home. They think if you look into my eyes you will never be able to resist me! That you will see that I am nothing but a big, huggable, loveable guy looking to be part of a pack to love and be loved by. Are they right? Do you have room in your heart for me?

Really, I am starting to believe in Christmas Miracles so maybe they are right. I went from starving, living on garbage, and homelessness to the most wondrous place you can imagine called a foster home. Thanks to my new best friends at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, I am living in luxury. I have a soft pillow to sleep on next to an infant human who smells sooo sweet. I have furry friends I get to watch run around and be silly. I have plenty of dog bones for when I need an occasional chew. There is plenty of good food and foster mom keeps saying I need some fattening up. But the very, very best thing of all is the human laps I get to put my head in for pets. I just love to melt into human kindness.

Now I know I have sad, dreamy eyes, but don’t mix that up with my personality. I am really a very mellow, kind-hearted fellow. I wait patiently at the back door when it is time to do my business. I rest quietly in the back seat on car rides. I don’t get on the furniture, but prefer my soft doggie bed and can be trusted in the home so much, foster mom doesn’t put me in the crate. I am not much of a player, but don’t mind being a spectator. I really haven’t met anyone, two or four legs, I couldn’t get along with. My needs are most simple. A lap. A pet. A treat or two, and regular meals. A soft bed is most important, but really, all I want is to get a few likes, and be a beloved friend. Is that too much to ask? Please, make a Christmas Miracle come true and give me a forever home and my very own family.

Owen is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He is a super sweet, mellow, easy going fellow with the saddest eyes you ever saw. All he wants is love and hug and a comfortable place to sleep. He gets along with dogs, cats, and kids, rides well in the car, and is house trained. If you are interested in being Owen’s Christmas Miracle, please put in an application at http://www.labrescuefresno.org/.