Opie – Black Male X, 10 months, 62 lbs.

From our Classic TV Collection, let us introduce Opie! A spunky little country kid that would like nothing more than to find a Ma and Pa to be his forever home, and maybe a few brothers and sisters to add to his family.

Opie was rescued from a rural shelter where not very many dogs get a chance at a new life. He’s a spunky, rough and tumble pup, that loves to play with toys, fetch his kong, and get attention. He’s just a pup and still learning basic manners and would benefit from an obedience school program to mature and become a fine young dog.

Opie is best suited for a home with older children, or adults, as he still needs to practice patience when learning to take treats, and becoming more relaxed around toys and play time and feeding routine. When introduced properly to other dogs Opie does just fine, but he takes a little bit of time to relax and play appropriately with other dogs. He can be a bit too rough in his playfulness. All signs of not being properly socialized as a puppy.

Opie is learning manners to be an indoor dog as well, so far he has not shown any major reaction to the indoor cats, but this too should be carefully evaluated by any future adopter.

As with all young pups training is a must, and providing structure, consistency, and boundaries will help make Opie shine as the bright young dog he can be. He would do best in a home where someone will spend some time working on these behaviors, providing a positive and structured environment, and enrolling him in obedience.

If you’d like to give Opie a home for life, please consider submitting your application to www.labrescuefresno.org. If you have an application already submitted, you only need to follow your acknowledgement email for further instructions.

Thank you for helping us save more labbie lives!