Monet – Our Hunk of Burning Love Collection

Black Male, 5 years, 75lb

Aren’t I a gorgeous hunk of ebony dog? See my muscles? See my pride? Guess what? My name is Monet and I have a secret – promise not to tell? Inside this masculine hunk of manhood lies a marshmallow heart – a romantic through and through! (I even sneaked a few kisses from the photographer when she bent down to pet my head.) So, if you like rippling muscles and fine, stud-muffin looks, but prefer the kinder, gentler type of a guy, well I am your perfect match – just in time to be your Valentine!

I know in my past I was a shelter dog, but I have never let that define me- it defines the humans who had me in my before-life. I know a lot of people look at me, such a handsome stud, and think that with my past I must be mean. Nope, nada, nixstar, no way! You would have to look pretty far to find a guy as gentle and sweet as me! I’m only bad if you don’t like kisses! You see, life’s too short to live in the past, and I will not waste this wonderful second chance given to me by my new best friends, rescuers, known throughout the doggy world as the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno! So here I am looking for someone whom I can sweep off their feet! (That is a meant as a metaphor – I would never knock you off your feet like some I know would! I’m a gentleman dog!)

Now, besides being a die-hard romantic who gives the sweetest kisses, I am a practically perfect fellow, gentle and sweet. I get alone with all dogs, big and small, and even except correction from a furry mop on four feet who decided she needed space. And people are simply the best! And of course, I am house trained, go in my crate upon request, and never destroy things – not even my own things – I’m a good boy. I don’t really fetch- I wasn’t taught how, but I walk well on a leash and am the most perfect snuggler you will ever meet! Really, that’s it, there isn’t much more to tell, other than I am a loyal lover, and will always be true. Won’t you be my forever Valentine – me and you?

Monet is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. He is a super sweet, mellow, easy going fellow who would love to be part of your family. All he wants is love, regular exercise, and a comfortable place to sleep. He gets along with dogs large and small and is house trained. It is unknown how he will react with a cat. If you are interested in having your own Valentine Dog to sweep you off of your feet, please put in an application for Monet at