Maxi – The Practically Perfect Collection
6 Year Yellow Female, 49 lbs

So, have you heard of Mary Poppins? My name is Maxi and I am the dog equivalent, ready to land in your family and save the day. Make your hearts sigh, your kids smile. New adventures every day! Only difference between Mary and me – I won’t leave in the end! I’m a forever type of a girl –a practically perfect pup who wants to be the perfect addition to your family.

You are probably wondering how a practically perfect girl like me ends up in the elite club of The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno Rescues. Well, while I am a forever girl, I haven’t had luck until now with forever type of humans. I had owners, but I wasn’t family. Untreated salivary gland issue gave me a giant goiter. Rather than take me to the vet, they decided to give me up. But don’t despair -they never got me down and a spoon full of Rescuers make any medicine go down! Now I am beautiful again, my smile shines bright! I might have a limp, but it doesn’t slow me or my heart down and I have love to go around!

So you know, as a practically perfect pup, I am a house trained, crate trained, loving girl who gives the sweetest kisses. I love people! I love kids! I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. I am also very smart, and know the basic commands but am ready to learn so much more! Foster mom says I’m a treat, obedient, trusted on and off the leash. I’m not a barker, but I’ll let you know someone’s at the door. I’m a cuddler and a snuggler, and I never met a ball I could resist. I will adjust to you, whatever, midnight strolls or morning walks. Just at the end of the day, I want to lay at your feet, or side, or as close to you as I can get. What are you waiting for -won’t you adopt me? I promise I can turn a frown upside down! A new adventure with every day!

Maxi is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. While Maxi has a limp, she is otherwise a perfect pup. She is a sweetie who gets along with people, kids, and dogs. Cats are unknown as there are no cats in her foster home. Foster mom says she is a joy and walks well either on or off leash. She is smart and would love to learn many more tricks. If you would like to give Maxi the home and love she is so looking for, please fill out an application at: